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Riverview | July 23 2008
When dogs are so out of control as our dogs were, to see the difference in 2 weeks is a great thing. Thank you. Permalink
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Enfield | July 22 2008
Scot was very patient and did not push anything. The day flew by. Scot called the next day to see how things were going. Permalink
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Monticello | July 22 2008
I'm also using some of the techniques with dogs I board! Permalink
Pelham | July 21 2008
I think the training makes sense. Permalink
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Scarsdale | July 21 2008
Seems very effective from the 1st meeting. Permalink
North Salem | July 21 2008
I was amazed at how quickly the dogs responded. You do need to continue with the homework -- but it does work! Permalink
Chappaqua | July 21 2008
The method of walking is the best. Scruffy used to pull so hard we could never let our kids walk him. Permalink
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Romeoville | July 21 2008
John was very good at going over the techniques to make sure we understood what to do. I was amazed at the difference in how the dog reacted to the training. I am glad that the system utilizes positive reinforcement. The training program was very well planned and structured. My anxiety level has decreased knowing our dog can learn and be a good pet. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Oceanside | July 21 2008
Our previously defiant and AGGRESSIVE terrier is now obedient and not showing aggressive behavior AT ALL!! Bark Busters has made him an enjoyable dog for our whole family. Thank you, Jan! Permalink
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Apopka | July 21 2008
Jodi is a wonderful trainer, very good at explaining process. We are very pleased no physical correction or treats were used. We were very surprised to see results at the end of the training. Absolutely we will recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Great ongoing experience understanding our pups. Permalink