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Riverside | February 02 2010
What do you do when you have an outstanding conformation Lowchen who is totally off the wall when approaching a strange dog? I couldn't show him and wouldn't take him out in public for fear of his behavior. Lowchen have this Napoleon Complex and become the mirror image of the dog they see. When I called Wendy, I explained all this to her including that I have been a breeder and exhibitor for almost fifty years and have never had such a bad experience with any of my dogs. Wendy came to the house and within 15 minutes of commencing training, Won Won and I were working together instead of fighting each other for control. Yes, Wendy did teach this "Old Dog" and Won Won some new tricks. He now sits and lies down on command as well as beginning to accept the premise that he doesn't have to be threatened by every new dog that he sees. Wendy's simple approach to placing the master as number one in the pecking order changed the dog and my relationship over 100 percent. Won Won is now much happier realizing that being compliant receives compliments. Thanks, Wendy for helping Won Won and me out of a spiraling down disaster. Won Won should be back in the ring strutting his stuff in the very near future. He's become a "Winner" already. Permalink
Lincoln Park | February 01 2010
Roscoe started listening better right away! He "gets it" without treats or punishment. It's the best! The training was interesting and enjoyable, although I feel like I'm the one getting trained! In-home sessions are more effective than classes outside of home. Permalink
-Fuja | February 01 2010
We have a good dog with an easy-going temperament, who had become willful to do things his way. The missing ingredient was for his people to find the right trainer. We have. We never could have imagined our dog so completely changed afterward! We thought it would take months! I already have recommended Bark Busters to family, letting my vet, friends and neighbors know that THIS is the system that works! We only wish we had found you earlier and not wasted time with another training system, which had poor results. Permalink
Berkley | February 01 2010
Lisa was very good at explaining the techniques and using my dog and what was happening in my house as examples. My dog seemed to catch onto the training very quickly. I was very pleased with the initial results and look forward to the progress. Permalink
Rochester Hills | February 01 2010
Lisa was easy to talk to and fun to have in our home. The techniques are very easy to understand and relate to. We have not had a single issue with counter-jumping since. I can eat without "help" now! She is already a different dog. Thanks!! Permalink
Royal Oak | February 01 2010
The steps are easy to follow and it helps us maintain consistency. Makes you feel like the top dog, just need to fully convince Luke of that! It was exciting to see how he calmed down and laid down. Permalink
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Naples | February 01 2010
We have used several different trainers for our dog. None of them came even close to being as good as your trainers, and program. The results were amazing! Permalink
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Naples | February 01 2010
We have used several different trainers for our dog. None of them came even close to being as good as your trainers, and program. The results were amazing! Permalink
Marshall | February 01 2010
Greg did an excellent job with our dogs and even trained US! He pointed out so many things that my wife and I never even thought could be the root of our dog's bad behavior. He gave us many useful tools and in just one day we are seeing many positive changes in both of our dogs. We really cannot thank Greg enough! Permalink
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Satellite Beach | January 31 2010
After just one lesson, Etnie is not barking in the car at all and not barking at people, bikers, or cars! I am very happy to learn how to train Etnie with commands and praise rather than with leashes, treats, or pinch collars. The training experience gives owners great insight to how their dogs think and learn. I already have recommended Terry to my family and co-workers. I am very, very happy with the great progress both Etnie and myself have made. Looking forward to the next lesson. :) Permalink