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Windermere | October 26 2008
Jim was awesome with our 2 dogs, Rocket and Jupiter, and the difference in both dogs behavior from the time Jim showed up and the time he left was AMAZING! We will recommend Bark Busters and Jim to everyone we know. Permalink
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Orlando | October 26 2008
Jim was very knowledgeable and patient, and he explained the training techniques to us clearly and made the training interesting. Our dog was more responsive to his name and to commands he was much better walking on leash. My husband is doing better with the growl and the training than me. Jim has great experience and good insight to a dog's behavior and our dog is listening to us and walking much better on leash than before. Permalink
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Waterford | October 26 2008
Rachel was excellent demonstrating & explaining the various techniques with us. Opie was already showing improvement before Rachel left. Rachel was excellent with our dog Opie! She was very patient & made it easy to learn the different training techniques! In three days we've already noticed a HUGE difference in Opie's behavior!! Permalink
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Troy | October 26 2008
Rachel used a wonderful tone when explaining all of the training techniques. After Rachel left, Dempsey learned to listen to my command. The natural training technique worked fabulously by the end of the 1st day of training. Rachel made the training very enjoyable for my family and my dog. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors because the therapist made the experience fun for everyone even the dog. Rachel is a very good dog therapist because she had everyone in a great mood and taught my family that we can have an obedient dog we just have to work at the training techniques. Permalink
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Clifton Park | October 26 2008
Trainer was very professional; results have been excellent, both during and following the session. Permalink
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Charleton | October 26 2008
Very clear & understandable. Rachel listened carefully to us & began to advise us. Bailey was responding to the commands. They use logic and common sense and a clear understanding of dogs. I teach early childhood education & saw many similarities. Rachel made sense! Rachel explained why we should do specific things -- gave us simple steps to take. Permalink
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Mechanicville | October 26 2008
Rachel was very thorough in explaining her techniques. We loved it because there was nothing to hurt the puppy. By the end of the training, Arkasia came to us when she was called and stopped when we told her to. It was interesting to see how the puppy reacted to simple commands. I've already recommended it to 5 people who will be in contact with Rachel. Permalink
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Queensbury | October 26 2008
Rachel made things make sense and pointed out tendencies of our dog that we never noticed. I have already recommended you! Permalink
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Newberg | October 25 2008
My dog responded well and immediately. Showing improvement daily. Learned a lot about setting house rules and pack leadership. It was quick, easy and effective. Dick offered great insight and many helpful suggestions to help me establish dominance in my home. Permalink
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Satellite Beach | October 25 2008
The dogs' responses were amazing! As veterinarians, we totally agree with the approach. Terry is a real asset to Bark Busters. We have several people that are waiting to hear our feedback. So far, it is a thumbs up! Permalink