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Sparta | June 21 2007
If it weren't for the training we got through Bark Busters for our small mutt, Bailey, I don't know what we would have done with her. She was a stray who had trouble understanding and learning to trust people. Thanks to Bark Busters, Bailey is a great dog that know loves people. Bailey and my daughter have started doing 4H and Bailey is happy and enjoying it. Permalink
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Winter Park | June 21 2007
Jim explained the training techniques clearly and we saw immediate results with our 4 dogs. The training was interesting, educational and enjoyable and I am recommending Jim to friends and customers who come into our vet clinic. Thanks! Permalink
Plymouth | June 20 2007
We felt empowered by his techniques -- we couldn't believe what we were seeing with Zoie (our chihuahua with issues). Very compassionate for both dogs and owners. We totally enjoyed the experience and the fact that we were doing this as a family was great. We are looking forward to practicing what Jason taught us so that we can provide Zoie with a more enjoyable life. Permalink
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Lincoln Park | June 20 2007
My husband and I would like to commend Bark Busters not only for dog training, but also people training! The techniques and tips from our rep proved invaluable; Kenobi, our 1-year-old Lab, was quite a little devil. Before seeking help, she would steal our things, throw temper tantrums, and misbehave on walks. Now through consistent practicing and training with Bark Busters methods, she is even more lovable and fun to be around. Bark Busters has truly helped Kenobi become part of our family pack! Permalink
Wappingers Falls | June 20 2007
The training techniques were very easy for us and our 13-year-old daughter to understand. (Our 5-year-old son learned a lot, too.) By the end of the training, my dog was doing things he had NEVER done before in the 2 years we've owned him (like staying quiet when the doorbell rang). Permalink
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Elmhurst | June 20 2007
Chris was outstanding! She is caring & concerned for our dog & us. She is a great instructor. Extremely knowledgeable! In 2 days, our dog had drastic improvement in her behavior. We are realistic about progress & in time expect even greater results. Very impressive. I've had 3 trainers in the past for other dogs & none were as professional & successful. I learned a lot and have already talked with people about this program & how awesome Chris was. Excellent follow up! Permalink
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Naples | June 20 2007
We didn't notice a problem with our dog before it bit us in the butt...literally. My fiancee and I just bought our own house and, lo and behold, my wonderful rescue dog, Gordon, decided that he had to monitor the in's and out's of our house. Not allowing most people to move about freely, pinning them to the couch or the bed. The last straw was watching him take a nip at my fiancee's 4-year-old niece. Something had to be done...and SOON. I remembered Patrick coming into Harborside Animal Clinic where I work to introduce himself. I remembered what a friendly, knowledgeable and personable guy he was, so, I thought I should give me a call see what he thinks. Well he came over that week and taught me all I needed to know about having well-behaved dogs. Dogs with manners. There's no such thing as bad dogs, just dogs with no rules. Now that my dogs have rules, we live in a much happier household, and so far NO MORE NIPPING! We practice everyday, and it's obvious my dogs are much happier as well. Naples has been in need of a great trainer for quite some time, and I am glad that I can refer someone that I have full confidence in. Do not hesitate to call Bark Busters. It changed my life. Permalink
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Naples | June 20 2007
I have 2 miniature dachshunds who are known as the Barker Brothers by some family and friends. After having Bark Busters come over, I'm confident in saying we are well on our way to changing that moniker. I'm already seeing results after a few days! Thank you Patrick for giving us the necessary tools to become the leaders of our house. Permalink
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Oregon | June 19 2007
Immediate and effective results--amazing! Linda was excellent, both as a listener and instructor! Permalink
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New Glarus | June 19 2007
Great results...a new dog!! Permalink