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January 19 2007
I observed noticeable results with the crate training-seperation anxiety. Cheryl was very personable and had a great personality. I would recommend Bark Busters; Cheryl was very knowledgable on variety of subjects, including diet and breed specifics....Read More

Toledo, OH

January 19 2007
I understand differences in voice tone and verbal commands now that Cheryl expained them to me. I noticed the results immediately; he was following directions by the door and walking with me outside. I like how I didn't have to hit or yell. I would recommend Bark Busters because they work with every dog as an individual....Read More

Toledo, OH

January 19 2007
Results were right away! I am pleased with the natural techniques; you don't have to hunt for anything to correct (clicker, treats). Immediate results and I like the personal attention. I liked it because it doesn't take food to correct problems and the personal attention you get....Read More

Wateville, OH

January 18 2007
It was very well presented, and I definitely saw results. I like that there are no treats involved. I have given Linda's number to several people. It was ideal for me. I didn't have to tun into Madison for classes....Read More

New Glarus, WI

January 18 2007
Barry was very easy to understand and to follow the Bark Busters training techniques. Our dog, Ca$h, definitely improved his behavior by the end of the first session. I was very pleased with the natural training used by Bark Busters and it covered all the basics. It seemed like hard work at first, but Ca$h caught on so quickly and made us proud. I would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors because of the amazing effect on Ca$h....Read More

Newnan, GA

January 17 2007
I noticed results right away! I was skeptical prior to Linda's visit, but completely convinced I had made the right call by the end of the night. It has only been three days and I can't believe the difference!...Read More

Madison, WI

January 17 2007
WOW!! Harri was a completely different dog within the first hour of Marsha's visit! He even remembered what he learned the next day! It really works! We can now enjoy being in the same house as the dog and he know's who's in charge (not him)! Thanks, Marsha!...Read More

Odenton, MD

January 16 2007
The training techniques were explained in a very easy to follow and understand method that even my 3 children are using. At the start, we had 2 dogs, who would choose when to listen. By the end of the firdst training session, they were both listening and responding to our commands. The dogs responded so quickly -- without treats or force. We enjoyed the whole training and will recommend highly. Kathy and Betsy gave us the tools to use to bring a sense of calm to our house and enjoy our dogs with company....Read More

North Royalton, OH

January 15 2007
I like the one-on-one training. I felt it was a balance of training the dog and the owner. Explanations of stupid questions were given without making me feel stupid....Read More

Oregon, WI

January 12 2007
Methods were very easy. Our whole family can remember these techniques!...Read More

Fitchburg, WI