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Cape Coral | April 01 2008
The session was very informative and easy to follow, just what we needed - TRAINING 101. We were surprised by the noticeable results. Princess, our Bassett Hound, reacted immediately! Patrick was a big help in our timing. We were pleased by the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. The website talked of it, but seeing it in makes total sense. Patrick went at our pace and answered all our questions. We would recommend Bark Busters because it has only been 1½ weeks, but we already see results. My wife, myself and our dog are happier. Patrick was very helpful to our needs and very patient, informative and thorough. Permalink
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Brandon | April 01 2008
Joanne, thanks to you, I have the confidence and ability to train Isis, my 8-month-old German shepherd, and Phoenix, my adult mixed breed. We started training when Isis was just shy of 4 months old. Thanks to your expertise, guidance, advice, and continued support, they are leash trained, sit and stand on command, and greet visitors appropriately. Before she passed, I even saw a difference in Girlfriend, my 13-year-old extremely stubborn Chow mix breed. Something I never thought would happen. That proves that old dogs like Girlfriend and me are never too old for obedience training. Thanks to Bark Busters training, I've even been able to help friends and family members keep their dogs by eliminating some problems they were having using the techniques you taught me. What I thought was going to be a chore has turned out to be great fun thanks to you. Permalink
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Westland | March 31 2008
I noticed a change in the first visit. Sophie wasn't so demanding. We were able to keep her away from the (front) door. I was pleased with the training. I had Maril come because Sophie was chewing through electrical cords and now she doesn't. I found the training enjoyable. Sophie's now not dominant against us. She hasn't bitten me since Maril came. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters because it is not one of those programs for doggie school that doesn't work. I've saw improvements before Maril left my house the first day. Permalink
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Clermont | March 31 2008
Our dogs improved on a lot of things by the end of the first session. I believe their behavior starts with us becoming good pack leaders and then transmitting that to our dogs. Bark Busters believes just that and I found the training to be interesting and enjoyable. I liked the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters but me and my family need to practice the growl tone a lot. Permalink
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St. Petersburg | March 31 2008
Vito is terrific! This is a wonderful investment! Permalink
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Thomasville | March 30 2008
For the first time in over a week, we were able to get ready this morning and not hear the dog chasing the cat! AMAZING! And this afternoon we will do our homework with the other exercises, but thank you so much for your time yesterday! Permalink
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Rancho Cucamona | March 29 2008
I had been searching for help to manage my sometimes aggressive/dominant male GSD. I think I read most books on the market; then, I contacted Bark Busters. Wendy came to my house and taught me quite a number of ways to work with him. Within the time she was here, with only a few practices, not only had I taught him what I wanted him to do, but my other two dogs got in the act and they learned, also. I am so impressed with the Bark Busters philosophy that I want to join their pack and have a franchise of my own. Thank you, Wendy! Permalink
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Phoenix | March 28 2008
We have a German shepherd/sheltie mix, Kianna. She is 1½ years old. Very sweet but was definitely the alpha dog. She would bolt to and out the door, chew on everything and pull us on the leash. She had a terrible habit of stealing anything that was dropped, including the kids' homework, toys, shoes, paper, and food. After the first visit with Dale, she was a totally different dog. By the end of week #2, she became the perfect dog. She now only plays with her toys, does not chew on anything, and is a perfect lady on the leash. She has become very relaxed and submissive and is a wonderful companion to all of us. Our life used to revolve around her, and now she fits right into our lifestyle and schedule. What a difference. My husband was very skeptical at first, but now is thankful for the training and the change in Kianna. Dale was very patient and was a life saver! I recommend him to all of m friends with dogs! Thank you! Permalink
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Elgin | March 28 2008
My husband and I have a 7-lb adorable cockapoo. She'll be a year old next month. At about 6 months, she started doing a lot of yapping. We wanted a small dog that we could puppy litter train -- but NOT a barker. Then my father was ill so I was out of town for 2 weeks. Permalink
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Cape Coral | March 28 2008
Patrick was very professional, knowledgeable and entertaining. Morgan's (miniature dachshund) pack leaders were well trained and so was Morgan by the end of the training. We observed noticeable results. We were pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters because of the pet-friendly training. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. It was unbelievable to see how quickly the training took effect and how easy it was. We would recommend Bark Busters because of the natural training techniques. At no time is your pet physically abused. I (Dede) work with the inmates that are involved with the Cell Dog Program at the Lee County Jail. Bark Busters would be a better way to train. Permalink