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Issaquah | August 03 2007
I have a sweet, lovable 5½ yr old sheltie (Pokie) who we've had since he was 3 months old, but he was "TOTALLY" out of control. It finally came to the point that my husband threatened divorce, or we had to give Pokie away and that was not an option. So I went to PetSmart for help and right in the middle of the shock collar isle, I found myself literally crying and couldn't buy one. Then a representative of PetSmart suggested Bark Busters (and I did recall seeing their trucks) so I got the number and called Sarah Knudsen who immediately set my mind at ease. Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | August 02 2007
I just had a basic training seminar at my home and was amazed at how easy and simple it is. My golden retriever, Mocha, is more relaxed and happy. Being a smart and quick learner helps, but the techniques I was taught to use for Mocha were a great help. While I was told to work with Mocha at least 10 minutes a day, with the training I received, most of interaction with Mocha is filled with his training. His barking is starting to come to a stop. He now is easy to control around other dogs. And it makes it easier for Mocha to interact at a Senior Assisted Living Home that I visit with him. All this in just a couple of hours. Permalink
Windermere | August 02 2007
Jim Lory has good communication skills and he explained the training techniques clearly. We were amazed at the immediate results we saw with our dogs. We found the training to be enjoyable and Jim was very entertaining. We are recommending Bark Busters to all of our friends because we got immediate, positive results! Permalink
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Caledonia | August 02 2007
It works!!! It is consistent in every situation. Permalink
Berthoud | August 01 2007
This training was truly amazing. My partner and I merged household's a year ago, and we now have 4 dogs. It's a lot of dogs for us, and most people who watch us would say the dogs control us. Having company over to our house was just too stressful because of all the barking that we couldn't control. Carol came in, and in one day has shown us how to take control of our situation. The dog's are actually quiet, and wait for us to give them commands. And all the training is easy to grasp, and we plan on working with our dog's daily to reinforce all that we've learned. Our neighbors came over last night and they were able to walk in the front door without getting jumped on and barked at. And we sat and had a real conversation in the house, and the dogs laid down around us. This NEVER happened in our household. Without a doubt the best investment of time and money we've ever made. Thanks, Carol!! Permalink
Orlando | August 01 2007
The training experience was interesting and enjoyable and we saw immediate results with our dogs. We will recommend Jim and Bark Busters because we saw excellent results and we were pleased with the natural training techniques used. Permalink
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Holiday | August 01 2007
My husband and I were astounded by the progress made in such a short time. Gizmo is more obedient and seems much happier as well. We were afraid we would not be able to keep him, with his issues, but he is a new dog! Permalink
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Arliinton | July 31 2007
After losing a 12-yr-old German shepherd (retired police K-9) to old age, my daughter took loosing "Kaiser" very hard. Then I got hurt in an auto accident almost lost my leg. My daughter was given a GSD, "Hercules" to take away the loss of "Kaiser." With Mike Hoskinson's help, my 9-year-old daughter is now a "pack leader" and walking our ONE -year-old German shepherd around the neighborhood. Everyone can't believe that she has control of such a big and well-obedient dog. . . . .Mike Hoskinson is a great trainer. He can answer any question. He is very knowledgeable, personable and punctual, and the techniques are so easily understood that even children can understand. Permalink
Troy | July 31 2007
Amazing! It totally makes sense and works! I am amazed at how much more relaxed Daisy is and better behaved Shaggy is. Permalink
Troy | July 31 2007
I've been looking for a natural training method without treats or punishment. Diesel was responding and has continued to do so already in a short time period. I definitely think this training method will work for the long term. My husband and I like the lifetime warranty and think this is a very wise business decision. Permalink