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Poughkeepise | October 02 2009
Precious was a "new" dog before the training session was over! Permalink
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Poughquag, NY | October 02 2009
Pickles was very responsive to the method. We noticed great results right away. Permalink
New Paltz | October 02 2009
Techniques are easy to apply and results are noticeable and appear natural for the dogs. We have already referred a friend because of the great results that we are seeing within 2 weeks. Permalink
Fishkill | October 02 2009
The training techniques were very thorough and informative. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. The experience was interesting and enjoyable. I learned a lot. I would recommend Bark Busters because it is a very useful and an effective way to train your dog. Permalink
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Poughkeepsie | October 02 2009
We were pleased with the natural training techniques. Our dogs are much calmer now. I have recommended Bark Busters to friends. Permalink
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Rhinebeck | October 02 2009
I appreciated Barbara's patience with training me and also her compassion and understanding. I would recommend Bark Busters because nowhere else guarantees for life no matter what state you are living in. Permalink
Naples | October 02 2009
The training was very educational and fun! I highly recommend Bark Busters training techniques for everyone who desires to have a well balanced quality relationship with their canines! Permalink
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Canby | October 01 2009
The training was very easy and Dick showed us instead of just telling us. Walking our dogs is now enjoyable. Our friends even noticed how good the dogs are in a very short time - 1 week. Permalink
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Arlington | October 01 2009
My family owns a Staffordshire Terrier and she could be a BIG hand full and was very strong willed. I could not even take her on a walk without my hand and arm feeling like it was going to be pulled off my body. She was a chewer, mostly my 5year old's toys, shoes and clothes. My kids could not play in the back yard without her being in the house because she would try to trip them and herd them. Michael came to our home and taught me and my husband WHY she does what she does.(I have been to training classes before at the PET store and they never taught ME this!) Then proceeded to teach US how to stop it. Within a 20 min session, my Layla was coming when called (never happened before) sitting on command, laying down, and staying until she was released. Michael calls it a "sit/stay," not jumping on someone walking in the front door! Big improvement! She actually sits off the tile in our entry and waits to be released before greeting a guest. She lays by the swing set now and watches. No chasing and herding anymore! Walks.....are a breeze! She has slack in the lead and stays by my side (actually touching my leg) looking at me for commands the whole time. My 5 year old can walk her the same way I do! If he can do this for my HEAD STRONG baby Layla in a 20 min session. I know he can help anybody. It has now been over a year and Layla still responds the same way! Thanks Michael!You have made Layla and my family very happy! Permalink
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El Mirage | October 01 2009
Michelle was extremely helpful. I see results already. I would highly recommend her. Score 20 out of 20. Permalink