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Littleton | May 18 2010
Pete is an outstanding instructor-to people and dogs alike. He really cares about his clients and their pets. I saw near-instantaneous results from Pete's techniques, and I now know what to do to easily keep reinforcing the desired behavior on my own. I would recommend Pete to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their dog. Permalink
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Bethany | May 18 2010
I could really see the changes in Trevor in the first couple of days. It has been enjoyable because I feel the techniques are working. Richard and Vicki are a pleasure. They are available whenever needed by phone or e-mail. I'm sure that we will have a very well-trained dog in the end. Permalink
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Ms P Winston Salem, North Carolina | May 18 2010
Amy helped me and my dog Chloe last year. I waited until I could say that this methods works forever. Chloe would bark, run and act crazy each time someone passed my house or came to my house. It got to the point where I had to put her outside or in my bedroom and even then she barked nonstop. After just 2 visits, Chloe no longer ran to the door, barked or jumped. Even in the backyard she was quiet. I worked with her the way I was told and Chloe progressed just as Amy said she would. I kept up with it for months and it is now just normal for Chloe and easy for me. The personal attention and customized way Amy helps you and your dog is worth 2x what I paid. If you want your dog to be quiet and nice to visitors and a good solid neighbor, call Amy. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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Mamaroneck | May 17 2010
We were very impressed, and Charlie is doing so well!!! Mark-you are fantastic! Permalink
Clarkston | May 17 2010
Easy to implement, don't have to use food as a bribe. Dogs have been getting better with every practice! Permalink
Farmington Hills | May 17 2010
We have seen a drastic improvement since we started the training! Permalink
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West Chester | May 17 2010
Dear Alan & Karen: Well, we finally caught up with you and our dog, Morgan, in understanding the system, and once I learned as much as the dog knew, it worked like a charm! Just to remind you where we started-me in tears, with bloody bite marks on my arms inflicted by our puppy when I didn't understand what he wanted. You taught us the correction along with his communication collar, which worked when my husband used it but not ever for me. Then, in our most recent session, the light finally dawned on me, and I caught up with the dog. I started using the correction in a conversational tone, not angrily or even particularly loudly when Morgan was heading into something I didn't want. It worked like a charm. Now when I say his correction, Morgan pauses and looks up to see what I want. I tell him, and we move on. No nipping, no excitement. We had Morgan on the boat for the first time this weekend and it was a pleasure for ALL of us. He looked to us for direction, which kept him safe. In Annapolis, we were able to eat dinner at outside tables with Morgan staying under the table and enjoying the passing scene. Sunday brunch we had to tie him at the bottom of the steps because he was not allowed on the veranda where we were sitting. He waited patiently (and enjoyed the patting from every customer coming and going). Bark Busters is by far the best training system we found, and we tried several! Permalink
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West Linn | May 16 2010
Your recent newsletter brought back lots of memories for us, and I just wanted to send you an update on Kennedy. I had 10 people over the other night, and Kennedy did not jump on a single person. Everyone was incredibly impressed with his behavior. He went to a kennel for a weekend and came back with very good reports. He recently walked on a trail for unleashed dogs and followed every command we gave to him. We could not have turned Kennedy into what he is today without your help and support! We appreciate all you have done for us and the several times you returned to continue training with him. We are going to do pet therapy training with him next month, so wish us luck! Even if he doesn't pass the final test, he has turned into a wonderful family pet. Thanks for all you did for us! Permalink
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Pottstown | May 16 2010
Jeri was incredibly focused and easy to understand. She had patience with us too! I actually recommended Bark Busters the next day at work. We noticed immediate improvements in our 3 dogs! Permalink
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E. Coventry | May 16 2010
Jeri Wagner is an excellent trainer! Permalink