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Beacon | May 30 2007
We observed noticeable results by the end of training. The results are amazing and the technique is simple. Permalink
Poughkeepsie | May 30 2007
Max's behavior has dramatically improved. Barbara and John were a pleasure and extremely helpful. Permalink
Wappingers Falls | May 30 2007
The continual positive reinforcement as opposed to continually carrying treats as a reward is a pleasure. Permalink
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Verona | May 30 2007
Fantastic! I have never experienced a training where I was SO pleased with the result! I laughed throughout the 3-hour training! To think that having a well-mannered dog could be this accessible! Permalink
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Winter Park | May 30 2007
What an eye-opener! I've had dogs all my life, but none were the trouble my two corgies were! I now understand how their minds think and how mine should! By doing so, they have immediately become really "well-trained dogs." They are still in the process (only 2 days after our session) of learning, but the positive changes were immediate! Their stubbornness used to wear me down, but no more, and they are a JOY! Permalink
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Deltona | May 30 2007
Thanks for everything! It's unbelievable how good my dogs are now. I have already been recommending Bark Busters to my friends and clients at Debary Animal Clinic. Permalink
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Apopka | May 30 2007
This was the best thing I have done for my dog family. Permalink
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DeBary | May 30 2007
I couldn't believe how easy it was. It was amazing. It wasn't them after all! It was me and my fiancé. Permalink
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Deland | May 30 2007
Mike was very patient and most helpful! He listened! Permalink
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Winter Park | May 30 2007
It's easier than I thought it would be. It's worth the attention (awesome) and it's so easy. I thought my dog was too stubborn and unreceptive to training but she is so receptive. Permalink