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Kalamazoo | July 19 2009
Sheri was wonderful! We love the changes we see in Baird. He had never responded well to other training, these techniques are great! We are anxious to see what is yet to come. Permalink
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Fort Myers | July 18 2009
Excellent. We recommend Bark Busters because it will help dog owners avoid stress. You get better results the Bark Busters way. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | July 18 2009
Excellent. Patrick explained the natural, pleasing training techniques used by Bark Busters Home Dog Training in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We saw noticeable results by the end of the initial lesson and would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Naples | July 18 2009
Allie, our Boxer, was walking calmly by the end of the lesson. Patrick explained the Bark Busters natural, pleasing training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Bark Busters is very clear and easy to understand. Permalink
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Longmont | July 18 2009
A co-worker recommended Bark Busters to me and I greatly appreciate the lead. Max responded immediately, and continues to show great progress. The pack animal methodology makes prefect sense. My dog responded instantly to the lessons and commands. Max seems seems eager and interested in learning more. He seems to like the challenge. ---Andrea is tremendous! She instructs clearly without being overbearing with outstanding explanations and clarifications. She relates so well to the dog. What a perfect person for this job! Permalink
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Winterset | July 18 2009
By the end of the first session we saw a definite change - I noticed changes needed in my behavior and how Lucy responded to those changes instantly. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable, we learned a lot about what we were doing that was confusing Lucy and how to better communicate. Permalink
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Crimora | July 17 2009
I thought you'd like to hear a recent update regarding our lab mix, Gus. Yesterday we had a wonderful experience with our neighbor's son Jay. I was out in the yard yesterday evening doing some one-on-one training with Gus when Jay came out of his house and asked if I'd like him to come over and work with Gus (what a great kid, right?). So I happily accepted his offer (he came bearing treats, too). It had been awhile since our last session together, and Jay asked if Gus would be muzzled. I explained that I thought it was time to move on from the muzzle, as Gus really seemed to know him and the muzzle just made him nervous. So Jay came in the yard, and Gus approached him in a relaxed and happy manner with tail wagging (and no barking!).---We proceeded to walk around the yard for a while and I reminded Jay that it was OK to pet Gus, but not to hug. Eventually, Jay wanted to play with Gus, so we got out his favorite ball and the the two of them played fetch for a good 20 minutes or so. This was quite a moment to witness, as Jay has wished to have this type of relationship with Gus for a very long time (Michael was watching from the window, and later told me he got very choked up at the site of them playing happily together). Permalink
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St. Louis | July 16 2009
We asked Kathy to help us out after we had a baby. Our first "child", a 2 year old Havanese named Monty, already had a few bad habits but he became even harder to manage with a newborn in the house. After only two hours of work with Kathy, Monty was like a new dog. He's much more polite to guests as they enter our house, and much more obedient for us as well. Kathy is wonderful and kind and we would highly recommend her service to anyone looking for a non-confrontational, gentle way to tame their beloved beast. Permalink
Denver | July 16 2009
Excellent training! I have already recommended Bark Busters to several friends. Permalink
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Providence Village | July 15 2009
Wow!! We didn't think training could be easy and fun. We have four dogs, two cattle dog mixes and two very strong willed doxies. We have tried so many techniques to correct barking door behavior and leash aggression, all with little success. Risto, our Bark Buster trainer, identified the mistakes we were making and taught us how to change our behavior to make training our dogs a successful and positive experience!!! Not only did they not bark at the door, they actually stayed back and didn't jump either. I wish I had a better word to express our amazement that we were able to do this so quickly. Thanks Risto for giving us a better way to approach training our girls. We look forward to the doorbell and the walks. Permalink