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Glendale | October 26 2009
Everything Nikki suggested seemed very easy to do, it wasn't overwhelming. We observed noticeable results by the end of training. Lady was much better all day, even after Nikki left. I am amazed! Everything seems so obvious once you know it. It already feels natural. I am very pleased with our experience. Nikki made me feel at ease and listened to our specific concerns. It didn't feel like a ‘cookie cutter' program. Permalink
Fort Collins | October 26 2009
We started getting complaints about our new miniature schnauzer barking while we were not home. We tried many things to no avail, and called Carol at Bark Busters as our last resort.---I cannot believe the change in our dog the first time Carol taught "us" how to be better dog owners. We learned the techniques easily and felt like the "Master" the first time we met with her.---Along with the "barking" issue, we had other training problems that we were not really aware of. (Our dog, Maggie, scored a "C" on the Bark Busters Behavioral Quiz.) Maggie used to charge through every door and run up the stairs in front of us, now she walks calmly behind us. She used to jump up on us, now she waits for us to call her to say hi. She used to bark and jump when someone rang the doorbell, now she waits at a designated spot until called and quietly sits next to me. She used to pull on the leash when we walked her, now she walks calmly at my side on a loose leash. She used to basically sleep with one eye open all night, constantly on the lookout, now she sleeps peacefully all night long. The barking while we are gone has stopped too. Now she is such a well behaved dog, all to Carol's credit.---Our other schnauzer, Molly, is 11 years old and she adapted quickly to our new training methods, YOU CAN TEACH OLD DOG NEW TRICKS, too.---Carol has always followed up quickly on my questions and was willing to come back to our house again to help us. Carol saved our dog from having to leave our loving home. Bark Busters works. Permalink
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Sunrise | October 26 2009
Hello Bruce, thanks to your instructions, we have noticed a great improvement in both of our dogs' barking and listening behaviors. Bella and Gurdy are doing great! We look forward to our next lesson. Permalink
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Staten Island | October 26 2009
Fred explained everything in a very easy way to follow. We saw results after the very first session and were extremely happy with the training techniques used for our dogs, Maxie and Briggs. It was very interesting and enjoyable to see how Bark Busters works with their clients and their dogs. Fred is a wonderful trainer and he transformed my dogs into well-behaved dogs. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and family. Permalink
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Jim & Melissa K Carpentersville, Illinois | October 26 2009
We're passing out cards to our friends and neighbors today!! Permalink
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-care-giver | October 25 2009
Christine is a First-rate trainer! One lesson taught us so much about dog behavior, and communication with our white lab puppy is happening! She is a true professional and demonstrated a rare ability to patiently convey concepts to our Down's Syndrome daughter effectively. She came in having to "clean-up", so to speak, after the first dog trainer we had hired that was virtually useless, gave us mis-information, and dismissed our biggest problem behaviors and concerns, (biting, barking, jumping) by saying, "we'll get to that later" The materials she left for us and her follow-up homework has also helped us, and complimented her visit. I will recommend Bark Busters and Christine to any one who has a dog, or knows someone who does. Thank-you! Permalink
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ponte vedra | October 23 2009
Linda did an excellent job explaining the techniques. It was interesting to learn about the techniques and implement them immediately. I think the program can help with mild-moderate behavior issues. Permalink
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Ponte vedra | October 23 2009
Good visual aids- easy but not too simple. Immediate improvement with bark control and changes in their reactions to me. No treats! They listen and respond to my voice better. I was never made to feel like a bad owner. Linda used praise very well (and correction...) It works and makes control and leadership not only make sense, but makes the dogs more relaxed and happy. It's leadership, not dominance. Challenging in a good way for owners- Life Training! Permalink
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Ponte Vedra | October 23 2009
I noticed results right away! I was skeptical prior to Linda's visit, but completely convinced I had made the right call by the end of the night. It has only been three days and I can't believe the difference! Permalink
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Jacksonville | October 23 2009
Linda Conrad couldn't have explained things any better. My husband understood everything clearly, yet not having any animal knowledge with training and he got right into it and followed through. Halligan caught on because of the way the training is done, and she was almost a completely different dog by the time the 1st session was done. It was hard at first not to have a treat but after we got into it, it was amazing to see Halligan react positively to our vocal praise. It was interesting to the point I wanted to learn more and train Halligan to see more results since we could see immediate results! Linda and the company's professionalism are great. The company's training and way of going about it is perfect, and having Linda as a trainer makes it even better. I have already recommended this training! This is a life lesson I can use with my own puppy, and information that I can use as being a C.V.T. to help my clients at the clinic that I work at. Thank you, Linda! Permalink