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Colorado Springs | July 15 2009
Thank you Ryan, for training us to think canine! We are enjoying our new and improved dog! Permalink
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Colorado Springs | July 15 2009
I am surprised at the immediate results. I was very impressed with the program, thank you! Permalink
Aurora | July 15 2009
Becky did an excellent job explaining each step of training and breaking each technique down. I was very pleased to see our dog respond so quickly to these simple techniques. Becky was able to give me confidence to train our dog even when she wasn't present. Permalink
Denver | July 15 2009
Great trainer! We were VERY pleased with the natural training techniques. Overall, well worth it! Ours and our dog's lives are much improved. Permalink
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Kendal | July 15 2009
Thanks so much for all of your tips and help. Brando is already responding well during the shorter walks. The water bottle especially works with his reaction to the vacuum cleaner. He does not want to attack it anymore. I am loving it!!! When we take him outside to do his business, I bah him so he does not pull me to his destination. He walks so much better. We are so grateful for your help. Thanks again Permalink
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Davenport | July 15 2009
Jim explained the training techniques clearly and he is a pleasure to be around. He made the training fun and relaxing and I saw great results at the first lesson. My dog responded well to my commands and I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to friends and neighbors! Permalink
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Groveland | July 15 2009
Jim was pleasant and fun to work with and I was very, very pleased with Precious' response to the training as she did great. Jim gives great service to his clients and I will recommend him to others! Permalink
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Demi P Omaha, Nebraska | July 15 2009
I have a new understanding of the interdependence between my dog and me. Deb gave me a new way to think about having a happy dog. I particularly liked Deb's ability to "read" my dog and help me understand how she thinks. The one-on-one training made the most of our time together. Sadie is gaining confidence every day. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Other, Separation anxiety
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Hillsboro | July 14 2009
Our dog is still a puppy. Dick explained it would take time and consistency. Out of all the trainers we have tried, I, as the female of the house, have seen results! Permalink
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Romeoville | July 14 2009
We liked your techniques and your knowledge in understanding our dog's behaviors. We saw improvements right away with Emma (boxer). I will definitely be recommending Bark Busters to our friends, neighbors and clients at work. Permalink