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Lafayette | February 02 2009
I was very impressed with the natural training methods. Andrea used a lot of examples with her techniques which made things easier to understand. My dog, Angel, seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Anyone could use these techniques for any problem! Thanks, Andrea, for everything! Permalink
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Cape Coral | February 01 2009
THANK YOU! Patrick explained the natural, pleasing techniques used by Bark Busters in a way that was easy to follow and understand. Everything made a lot of sense to us. The techniques used by Bark Busters made everything sync. We observed noticeable results by the end of the lesson. Our dogs (Boston terrier and American Staffordshire terrier) caught on very fast. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. It was very fun to see our dogs making progress. We already have recommended Bark Busters! Permalink
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Estero | February 01 2009
EXCELLENT! 5 out of 5! Permalink
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Naples | February 01 2009
Things are great (after just one lesson) and getting better each day. Just incredible. Permalink
MANSFIELD | February 01 2009
Extremely impressed! We have a six-month-old Doberman that was half-way trained but had issues with licking, whining, rushing the door, getting on the furniture, etc. Michael came to our house and was here less than two hours and the dog is a different dog. I have my house back! I also have fallen in love with my dog all over again; it's just a deeper love this time. I would recommend this trainer to anyone, I had my doubts at first, but I am so glad that I went with my gut instinct to have him come over and show us what we were doing wrong. Permalink
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Henderson | January 30 2009
We found Christine to be very professional, and she seemed genuinely interested in our puppy's and our success. I am so very pleased with how quick and easy the techniques are for us humans. You not only have techniques but also theories to back them up that make sense. While I found the training experience to be intense, anyone could benefit from your methods, and they would find the techniques simple to use. Permalink
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Portland | January 30 2009
Dick seems very knowledgeable about dogs and the training techniques. He explains them in a clear and simple manner. Permalink
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Aloha | January 30 2009
Dick did well making sure we understood the "most important parts." The results were unbelievable! Our neighbor was in shock when he entered our home and was not "greeted" by our pack 15 minutes after Dick left. We learned so much about what we are doing wrong and not even knowing it (i.e., eating first, letting the dogs tell us when they want love, or outside). They are very simple concepts when explained through the Bark Busters program. Permalink
Fort Meade | January 29 2009
Sharon, I'm so glad that I scheduled you to train Sasha when I did. From the first day we met, I realized I had bigger problems than I thought. The kids at the door w/the dogs and relationship issues w/the family were more serious than I thought. You really helped to redirect that bad behavior quickly before more serious behavior started. I know now that as dogs age, things usually get worse. The sooner you train, the better the dog and house will be! I'm just glad it's never too late! I didn't expect to get so many other things out of the training. I can also stop Sasha from chasing the cats which I wasn't able to do before our training. Sasha responds very quickly and stops stalking the cats when I tell her to. Others have noticed the improvements too. Thanks so much for your continuous follow up visits. It really helps me to stay on track! Permalink
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Cherry Hill | January 29 2009
For the first time since we rescued this dog I feel hopeful, calmer and more in control. Permalink