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Elyria | March 23 2010
Jaime was easy to understand and patient with our family. There was a noticeable difference in our dogs Permalink
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Cleveland Hts | March 23 2010
"We are so pleased to find such a wonderful, natural way to work with and enjoy our dogs" Permalink
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Westlake | March 23 2010
"I think that Bark Busters was phenomenal, the therapist explained everything in detail, and helped us to understand everything about our dog. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to anyone" Permalink
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Chardon | March 23 2010
Wonderful! Excellent training! My dogs made huge improvements in 2.5 hours. I feel like we have a calm household now with my wonderful well-behaved dogs! I am looking forward to continuing to reinforce what we've been taught. Permalink
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Sheffield Lake | March 23 2010
"Jaime was gentle and understanding with us and our dogs. We feel we learned a lot and both, our dogs and us will enjoy each other more" Permalink
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Garfield Hts | March 23 2010
"Results were almost immediate! Within minutes of entering the home, Jaime had everything under control. My dogs have a new leader. I am the Queen! " Permalink
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Avon Lake | March 23 2010
The training was extremely effective right away and continued throughout the day. I was very impressed by the knowledge and care Jaime possessed. I plan to recommend Bark Busters to friends with dogs. I really appreciated the information on dog food. Thank you! Permalink
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Lakewood | March 23 2010
"Jaime was awesome. Patient with us, which was vital to our own comfort. I would recommend him and the training any time" Permalink
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Old Brooklin | March 23 2010
Jaime totally changed our dog into a new dog. We feel confident that we can control the dog and have a happier home now Permalink
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Cleveland | March 23 2010
Mr. Garnica was very clear about and along every aspect of the training. It was very interesting to see how well Ava responded to Mr. Garnica and even submitted to his touch! She had not done it ever. And she obeyed! We're very happy to have called Bark Busters. Definitely Permalink