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Damascus | November 05 2007
Totally amazing! Marsha explained the techniques clearly to us and we saw results the first day! Our Doberman ignored previous training attempts, but this got her attention right away! And it's nice to know that Marsha will come back and work with us if we relapse. Permalink
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Lansing | November 04 2007
I learned a lot of great techniques that are humane and easy to teach. Permalink
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Marshfield | November 04 2007
We owe our sanity and dog's life to Jason. We adopted a coonhound several months ago and she ate 3 beds, a headrest in the car, a sofa, and 4 seats off our kids bikes, she routinely could be found standing on all four legs eating off our kitchen table- then Jason came into our home!! He has taught us how to control our dog. The first night he was here over 3 hours due to our 4 young children constantly interrupting, Jason was patient, kind and very thorough with his instructions. Casey is responding very well to the training and it is not hard to implement, especially for our family with lots of little kids running around. We can't believe the difference Jason's techniques have made in our dog! "We are large and in charge!" Thank you, Bark Busters and especially Jason. Permalink
Madison | November 04 2007
It was shocking to see how quickly the dogs behavior changed. It was incredible! Very easy to follow. Linda was great to work with, very knowledgeable, caring and patient. We felt good that we could get the dogs to behave! I would recommend Bark Busters & Linda because the results are immediate. The training is in your home versus one hour per week type classes for 8-12 weeks. Linda is excellent and she really wants to help you get the behavior you want for your dog. And the dogs the the cube toy! Permalink
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Oakland | November 04 2007
We enjoyed the presentation and all the family participated. Gail included all of us and asked each of us what we wanted to change in our dog's behavior. We were amazed that Sam stopped jumping immediately, that was our major problem. We doubted the training aid packs would have such an effect. Sam sees them and obeys. We're still working on the begging and leash. He loves to go for walks - WE are the problem with the begging. We would recommend Bark Busters as we think the quick results are rewarding for the dog and the family. And Gail is patient and encourages us to keep working with Sam. Permalink
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Jamison | November 03 2007
Pete is great with the dogs and with us! Permalink
Orlando | November 02 2007
I was pleased and saw immediate results with both my pit bull, Bruiser, and my bichon, Rufus. It was amazing that within a few hours my dogs were calm and well behaved and laying down next to each other in the same room. Permalink
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Kentwood | November 01 2007
Aurora, because of her past experiences, needed a slower and easier approach- Ken adjusted quickly to her needs. Aurora now looks at me anytime I talk to her or say a command and then obeys right away. Permalink
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Denver | October 31 2007
Wow! After my initial lesson, I was able to stop, talk to my neighbors, and my dog just sat. He no longer is the neighborhood terror. I feel I now can handle my dog. I already have recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors, and found the training experience to be very pleasant. Permalink
Stoughton | October 31 2007
It works! It makes sense and Bree does seem happier with me as pack leader & I am happier too. Now I can love her in a safe way. Linda was very supportive and did a great job explaining & teaching me so I can teach Bree. Permalink