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Apopka | November 05 2008
Very educational. It was amazing how Frosty reacted to the training. Permalink
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Winter Park | November 05 2008
We have learned a lot from Jodi. She is an excellent teacher - patient, calm and caring. Permalink
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Toledo | November 05 2008
It was very beneficial to talk about the techniques and then follow through with hands-on training. Riley was more attentive and less aggressive by the end of the session. My husband and I both hate shock collars and physical punishment for animals and were pleased with the Bark Busters way of training. Yes, I will recommend Bark Busters, we have family members with new puppies and we'll definitely tell them. Permalink
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Cape Coral | November 05 2008
Glendale | November 05 2008
Thank you, Brenda, for helping us with Harley. Since she's a Great Dane/Mastiff mix, 7 mo. old and already 86 lbs, we definitely needed help. Harley is doing great on the leash, down and her sit stay at all the doors and feeding. We still have more to do since we have horses and other ranch animals to introduce her to. But her behavior has changed a lot in the 6 weeks that we've had her. Thank you. Permalink
Tallahassee | November 05 2008
Leigh Ann made the presentation in a concise cohesive way and we got to training promptly. Our dog showed progress during the first session. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors; our trainer is quite knowledgeable and supportive. Jada has only been in the program a short time but she has made great strides. My wife can now handle her. Permalink
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St. Louis | November 05 2008
Kathy was very patient with me. Our dog, Franklin, was sitting and staying and quit jumping on me by the time the appointment was over. I was amazed that once I became the pack leader how Franklin became so much calmer and listened so well. I liked the naturalness of the training (all positive reinforcement) pinch collars, no electrical collars. My dog was pretty good already, but now I am a much happier owner. Permalink
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Tucson | November 05 2008
We are so impressed with Gerard and the Bark Busters method. Having a trainer come to our home to work with us and our dogs is priceless. We have tried other training companies and just found that when working in a group setting, we learned a standard set of "tricks." With Gerard, we get to work on any problems we feel we are having with our dogs, and we get to work at home in our problem environment. Now our home is relaxed an quiet, and our dogs and family are much happier. Thanks for everything! Permalink
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Mary Ellen N Grand Rapids, Michigan | November 05 2008
Ken had very clear explanations- reiterated it each session with a different emphasis-consistent approach to training us. It is easy to achieve natural training results when you have the tools- dog is happier and so am I. The training was interesting and enjoyable. It was also challenging but also lots of emphasis on play and loving the dog. It was absolutely worth every dollar- seems expensive but the value of having someone in your home, one on one with excellent/proven techniques-Priceless!!! Ken is a natural teacher- very thorough and truly loves his work. He is able to take the owner and the dog to new heights! Permalink
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Denver | November 04 2008
The training concepts are sound and very effective. Our household has changed dramatically for the better! The wisest investment yet! Permalink