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Cape Coral | April 26 2010
Patrick has amazing communication skills, both with dogs and humans. We have four Greyhounds that are sight hounds and were amazed that we could open our front door and keep them focused on us and not chasing anything outside. We saw immediate results with Bark Busters, and we recommend Patrick and Bark Busters. Permalink
Denver | April 26 2010
Within just a few hours, we saw noticeable and positive results with our dog, Xen. It only has been three days since our meeting with Robin, and now Xen is a happier and more relaxed dog. She doesn't bark at the doorbell, listens to commands, and has improved 100% around other dogs. Permalink
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North Hollywood | April 26 2010
Mr. Reyes changed my and my dog's life in almost a day! I had several issues with my beagle. Most of them were solved after the first meeting the others after three meetings. I'm not a new dog owner; I had two dogs before, and still he was able to teach me new things. I can't thank him enough. As good as the famous show on TV, if not better... Permalink
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Tucson | April 25 2010
The Miracle Worker: I called Gerard when it was apparent that our 11 month old Chihuahua, Zaius, firmly believed he was the leader of the pack. Zaius heard what he wanted to hear and obeyed no commands. He was afraid of anyone who came into the house and any noise from outdoors. So he barked and barked and barked and ran in figure 8s all around the house, daring us to catch him. We had our first lesson, and the change was apparent the very next morning. Zaius is 13 months old now and is obedient, loving, lovable, and the greatest dog we ever had. He does what we expect him to do and discarded all of his bad habits. What we thought would take months took three home visits. And lots of practice! Gerard worked wonders by teaching us how to relate to Zaius. We call Gerard "the miracle worker," and now we also call him friend. Permalink
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McMinnville | April 23 2010
Dick explained the training techniques very well. Dick is very good at training dogs. We were not pleased with the natural training techniques at first, but it didn't take long for us to understand why the program is set up the way it is. We feel a much stronger bond with our dog. I like working with Dick on Junior's training, and the program works! Dick is an excellent trainer, and I would not have any problem recommending him to my friends. Permalink
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Fort Myers | April 22 2010
If someone really cares about making their dog an enjoyable part of the family, Bark Busters is the way to go. Patrick not only explained the natural training techniques, but also demonstrated them very clearly. Permalink
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Marco Island | April 21 2010
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Naples | April 21 2010
I still cannot believe what Colin and June were able to accomplish in the first session. I love my dog, but the barking was out of control. We are, of course, still working, but Daisy is a changed animal--no longer feels she has to be in charge of our home. She no longer barks at other people and animals when we are out for a walk--we are doing very well with getting her to sit when someone rings our bell and enters our home. All of this was accomplished with no cruelty and no rewards. Permalink
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Taylor | April 20 2010
Excellent scores in every aspect of the training! Maril helped me understand the way my dog thinks and how he tries to dominate me. Hooch started to listen and understand by the end of our first lesson. I liked that nothing was forced or uncomfortable for Hooch. Maril provided lots of helpful tips to correct. She showed us how to make corrections, and coached us when we were doing wrong. I'll recommend Bark Busters to clients that come into our clinic (Caputo Animal Hospital). Permalink
Aurora | April 20 2010
Excellent training. Layla immediately quit jumping up within 10 minutes of the session. I've spent months trying to break her of this. I learned a lot of very helpful tips and look forward to learning more. Layla and I both enjoy practicing the training. I've already recommended Bark Busters to a friend. The training has already made a huge difference just after one session. After 3 months, I can only imagine the difference! Permalink