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Sheffield Lake | March 22 2010
I was pleasantly surprised when Diesel seemed like a totally different dog by the end of the session. He was relaxed, calm, and more respectful. Thank you! Permalink
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Orange | March 22 2010
Jaime was able to demonstrate how effective the Bark Busters method is, very quickly. We enjoyed the nutrition education. The explanations and instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Permalink
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Lakewood | March 22 2010
Jaime was very easy to understand and was extremely knowledgeable. His tactics and techniques are extremely useful. We saw immediate results within hours of Jaime's training. Permalink
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Oviedo | March 22 2010
Chaz is doing very well. He now has a sister, Skyler, and they get along very well. He even sits and waits until I serve her food in another room, without moving, until I come back, serve his and say, "Free ... good boy!" He has happy ears all the time now. Thanks to Mike, he's a much better boy now. :-) Permalink
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Sammamish | March 21 2010
When we moved to Washington, we were coming from life in a big house with a backyard, and Jack made the transition much easier for our three dogs. A year and a half later, after losing the oldest of the three, Jack has been very helpful in calming down our two dogs, helping solidify the relationship for the remaining two, and helping our willful Labrador gain confidence, reducing her anxiety. She's a completely different dog, very playful and outgoing now. Bark Busters is wonderful, and we have recommended them to many people. Thank you! Permalink
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Naples | March 20 2010
A wonderful, rewarding experience. Thank you. Permalink
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Waukee | March 19 2010
Deb was very calm and patient with the whole family and explained everything wonderfully. We saw noticeable results by the end of the first training session-the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are excellent. Permalink
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West Chester | March 18 2010
Alan communicated not only to me and my husband but also to my 80-year-old mother-he took his time doing so! Schaffer and Mia sensed that Alan wasn't just a neighbor "dropping in"-he showed us how effective a communication collar would be. We were pleased and pleasantly surprised-such a simple strategy achieves noticeable results! The training was very interesting-delivered in a comfortable setting (doesn't get more comfortable than home). But no heavy-handed methods! We have already recommended Bark Busters. Most people expect the traditional method of training and may be a little skeptical at first! Alan is a great ambassador for your company. His relaxed style and communication skills are a credit to him and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Thomasville | March 18 2010
Leigh Ann was very easy to understand, and I felt like I had known her for years after the first few minutes! My golden retriever responded quickly to the training techniques. I was surprised at the simplicity, which makes the training easily applicable in various situations. I was very interested and the time flew by! I would most certainly recommend to friends. I was very impressed with Leigh Ann. She is awesome! Permalink
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Portland | March 18 2010
Dick has given us the tools needed to train our pit. After just a week, he is a new dog! Permalink