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Marco Island | February 12 2010
Excellent in every aspect. Permalink
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Denise V Ada, Michigan | February 12 2010
Ken was very explicit in his training instructions and went over the procedures with each one of us. Chase is a very teachable dog especially inside the house-outside training is a bit more difficult with all the distractions. I liked the training especially because it is kind to the dog. Thank you to Ken for coming out and working with us and Chase and for all his recommendations and help with the training. Permalink
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Ann Arbor | February 11 2010
I have a 25-pound sheltie named Gizmo. I have had him since he was 9 weeks old. He is full of energy and was constantly running, jumping and barking day and night. Every time the doorbell rang, he would go nuts barking and running around. Every time someone came in my home he would jump all over them and not leave them alone. I live in an apartment complex with a lot of neighbors and every time the entrance door opened or closed he would bark for 10 minutes straight in a high-pitched sound. It drove me crazy to the point where I was seriously thinking about giving him away. But then my vet's receptionist recommended "Bark Busters" and what a wonderful rescue. After the first visit by Ruth, there was a major change in Gizmo. She showed me how Gizmo was training me and not the other way around. Since then, Ruth has come over again, and I have learned a great deal from her. Gizmo is a different dog and only after 2 visits. Ruth taught me how to train Gizmo instead of him training me. He does not bark all night, run around like a crazy dog, bark and jump on people who come over to visit, and when I or my son do not want to play, he settles right down and waits for us. Another thing he did was he went through 4 leashes by chewing them up, but he doesn't do that anymore. Permalink
Edisto Island | February 11 2010
We needed help with our 7-month-old Yellow Lab Chloe; she was being really assertive and annoying to our 11-year-old dog, Nellie. Our experience with Michelle was great-Chloe immediately responded, and it was great to give our older dog a break from Chloe's overbearing puppy behavior! Permalink
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Bonita Springs | February 11 2010
Patrick explained the natural, pleasing Bark Buster training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The Bark Buster method yielded immediate results. I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Irvington | February 10 2010
It makes sense, is easy to continue, and it works. Permalink
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Bronx | February 10 2010
Bear decreased the barking, especially in our house. Mr. Lieberman has a very calming manor to dogs and humans. Everything made sense. Permalink
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Rye | February 10 2010
It was quick, practical, safe and did not involve physical punishment. We loved it. Our puppy responded right away to the trainer's mere presence, which told me right off the bat that he knew something we sure didn't. Permalink
St. Paul | February 10 2010
Thank You so much for your help John. Our dog Anna started off on the wrong foot in her life, she had so many aggression issues that to be honest I was scared of her at first and angry with my husband for bringing her here, but 3 months later she's a very loving and sweet little German Shepherd gal. She now can be trusted with my kids, after 4 months, which is my #1 priority. I am a firm but loving pack leader! I love the way you helped me to understand her and your approach is all positive which is something that is extremely important to me. John, you taught me lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I will always get my furry friends from a shelter or rescue because now I know how to handle many issues, and the ones I don't know how to handle, I will call you about sir! THANK YOU JOHN!!!!!!!!! Permalink
Oakland Township | February 09 2010
There were dramatic results within the first few opportunities to train. His behavior changed so much immediately that he was like a different dog! It's not like any other training method I've used: It's not hard for me to learn and seems to have an immediate effect on the dog. We're so excited because we love our dog so much, but with his bad behavior, and our inability to communicate to him, we knew things would be out of control all the time. Now we know, with this training, we will enjoy him for a long time. Permalink