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Washington Twp. | September 25 2009
We were at our wits end because of our dogs aggression with other dogs. Upon recommendation from our vet we contacted Bark Busters. So far we are very happy with John's dedication and with Beaus progress. John made the techniques very clear and showed us what to do. Beau has always pulled on his leash until John showed us the proper technique. We are happy that these techniques are not physical and that we can still show our dog affection. We learned a lot about becoming the "alpha" and what we needed to do to turn this behavior around. Permalink
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Macomb Twp. | September 25 2009
I saw noticeable improvement within the 1st week. Very interesting as Jack is 5 years old with some bad aggression problems. I did have some difficulty with applying the walking techniques, but that was cleared up with our follow-up visit. This is a very good program and would recommend. Permalink
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Cold Springs | September 24 2009
Just wanted to touch base with you. So very happy with what our dogs have learned (and especially me). Maggie Mae still barks when someone comes to the door but knows to stop and sit in her spot. She will stay now until released, so proud! Sully still has a little harder time staying but knows to sit and wait. Maggie Mae had a summer of going on trips and has gotten so much better with her barking at people. I walk her at least 5x's a week and she does 90% of the walk without a leash and always listens to commands. Sully gets walked 2-3 times a week and has gotten soooo much better. It's actually a joy to walk him now. He will always have issues with other dogs but at least I can get his attention and divert him from disaster. He walks next to me when told and when told "good boy" realizes that it's a good thing and just wants to please. I have Maggie Mae in the front yard with me everyday and she has learned to let the kids in the neighborhood come up to her or in the yard without barking and loves playing ball with them.---They will never be perfect, but the tools you have given me have made such a difference and I Thank You for that. Permalink
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Canby | September 24 2009
Dick is very personable and encouraging. It was important to have my husband there for the training, which he was. I appreciate that the techniques do not physically hurt or intimidate the dog. I find dog behavior and training very interesting. It is helpful to know WHY the techniques work, but the dog owner has to be ready and willing to do the practices. Permalink
Lexington | September 23 2009
Kendra was easy to work with and definitely did her homework on my situation. She had a plan in mind from the profile of Teddy I had sent to her. Teddy responded to the techniques. It will take getting used to and repetition. I am seeing the beginnings of improvements after a few days. Permalink
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Fort Myers | September 23 2009
We saw results during the first exercise (front door training) and were able to duplicate the response. We were very comfortable working with Patrick and Bark Busters and look forward to our next lesson. Bark Busters' natural training techniques gave us very good insight into why our dogs were acting the way they were. The training tools have helped us start "the training process" for the more stubborn (of our two) dogs. Patrick gave great analogies and examples while explaining the training techniques used by Bark Busters. Permalink
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Naples | September 23 2009
It was nice to have both June and Colin there, one to observe Buddy and the other to work with me without being distracted. Permalink
Madison | September 23 2009
I thought, for sure, that a dog trainer was my only saving grace. My dog was very aggressive and bit someone, and after all the trouble she got into, I new I was in over my head and I needed help. I found Bark Busters online and called right away. Greg, stepped in and gave me all the advice and directions I needed to save my dog. He took the time to show me how to do everything correctly and had the patience of a saint. He has been there for me when I need him and has been a great friend through all of this. He even went out of his way to talk to my parents! I LOVE THE FLIP CHART GREG!! Permalink
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Beaverton | September 23 2009
Amazing! My dogs responded quickly and I can easily remember the commands. Lisa presented things in a way I didn't think of. The literature that was left behind was very helpful and well written. It was a good review of what Lisa taught while here. Thank you! After 2 and a half years, I had given up and thought that Dudley was untrainable - not so! Permalink
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Fort Myers | September 22 2009
Patrick is wonderful. Not only did Patrick make the pleasing, natural training techniques used by Bark Busters easy to understand but he also worked with us to make sure we fully understood those techniques. Trixie, our Miniature Poodle, used to bark and jump on our front door and all over our guests. After just one hour, she would not attack the door or jump and bark on our guests. There is no reason to use physical force, like picking her up or grabbing her collar, with these techniques. We recommend Bark Busters because it works! Permalink