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Isle of Palms | August 27 2009
Our Jack Russell Terrier puppy named "Jack" was noticeably submissive and in tune with us from the first session. We were glad no treats are used or shock collars etc. We learned a lot about how dogs think and have already referred our neighbors your way for their new puppy. We hope to have a model Jack Russell that will be a Bark Busters walking advertisement! Permalink
West Ashley | August 27 2009
We were amazed at how quickly we saw results with our 3 year old Lab/Weimaraner mix. What a great job, the training was easy to understand and implement. Thanks for your help the training was worth EVERY PENNY! Permalink
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Fort Myers | August 27 2009
Patrick's explanations of the Bark Busters Home Dog Training techniques were easy to follow and understand. I understand the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters because they provide a logical approach. We observed noticeable results by the end of the lesson. Arizona, our Australian Shepherd, knew something was about to change. Permalink
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Brookville | August 27 2009
I am a dog rescuer and I had Patrick Drake come to my house to work with 7 dogs at once. In just minutes he had them under control. He spent a lot of time teaching my husband and I the simple basic training that Bark Busters uses. We were both very pleased with the results. Patrick is a very compassionate human being who never wants to give up on Man's Best Friend. Being in rescue for 10 years and rescuing hundreds of dogs that were given up to kill shelters....I know that every dog is able to become a wonderful companion....they only need the chance...with love and the proper can be done. There is no such thing as a bad dog...only ignorant owners. I believe very much in Patrick Drake. I highly recommend him. Permalink
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Hainesport | August 26 2009
Kurt is very informative and helpful, excellent to work with and learn from! Permalink
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Lumberton | August 26 2009
Kurt is very knowledgeable and fun to work with. Permalink
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Brandon | August 25 2009
Joanne was exceptionally nice and knowledgeable. The flip chart was a great tool because it made it easier to understand with a visual. Permalink
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Sherwood | August 25 2009
Dick was very patient and clear. I noticed observable results at the moment they occurred. I was a bit uncomfortable growling at first but it was nice to know that I didn't have to punish my dogs, just remind them. I appreciated the positive feedback. Permalink
Berkley | August 24 2009
So simple and so effective! Lisa confidently showed and taught us the techniques easily. I am a person who practices a holistic lifestyle and this is perfect for me. Kaeden was a changed dog by the end of the session and we are hopeful owners again! Thanks for all you do! Keep up the Great Work!! Permalink
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Collegeville | August 24 2009
We hired Jeri a few months before the birth of our first child. Our dog was out of control and we felt like Bark Busters was our last hope. Franklin responded to the training immediately. Now we have an eight month old and Franklin is great with him. He also is turning into the dog we always hoped he'd be. There truly is nothing better than a well-behaved dog. We could not have done this without Jeri. Permalink