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Berkley | August 24 2009
So simple and so effective! Lisa confidently showed and taught us the techniques easily. I am a person who practices a holistic lifestyle and this is perfect for me. Kaeden was a changed dog by the end of the session and we are hopeful owners again! Thanks for all you do! Keep up the Great Work!! Permalink
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Collegeville | August 24 2009
We hired Jeri a few months before the birth of our first child. Our dog was out of control and we felt like Bark Busters was our last hope. Franklin responded to the training immediately. Now we have an eight month old and Franklin is great with him. He also is turning into the dog we always hoped he'd be. There truly is nothing better than a well-behaved dog. We could not have done this without Jeri. Permalink
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Sherwood | August 24 2009
Marvelous! We were all so comfortable and enjoyed Dick tremendously. We had a difficult beginning but made a lot of progress in the time he was here. The training experience was fascinating. Most of the training is for us and we're coming right along. I'm so happy we have gotten into the program and expect great changes. Permalink
Joliet | August 23 2009
We rescued Sophie Marie and nicknamed her the "girl with an attitude." She would constantly bark inside our van, bark at people walking down the street, and everything else in sight. We just could not take any more of her constant barking! After one visit we were amazed at the change in her behavior. John is AWESOME! I recommend him to everyone! Permalink
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Cocoa | August 23 2009
I knew I was not being the best pack leader and so did my dog. With Bark Busters training assistance I am reversing that. Both my dog and I are feeling more comfortable and confident. Permalink
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Fort Myers | August 23 2009
Patrick explained the pleasing, natural training techniques used by Bark Busters in a way that was easy to follow and understand. The lesson was enjoyable and we saw noticeable results by the end of the lesson with our 2 dogs. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | August 23 2009
Patrick was an amazing trainer for both Lily, my golden retriever, and me. Lily is now being the wonderful dog I always wanted, after just one lesson. I am so much more relaxed too. Patrick explained the pleasing training techniques and kept asking if I understood and if it all made sense. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters are very pleasing, I don't like punitive measures which is why I chose Bark Busters. After only one lesson I already have recommended Bark Busters. Permalink
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FOrt Myers | August 23 2009
Patrick explained the natural and pleasing techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We saw noticeable results by the end of the first lesson with our cocker spaniel, Archie. We found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. For these reasons, we would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Portland | August 19 2009
The training techniques were easy and repeated frequently. I had much more confidence in my dog and myself. The experience/support/training saved myself and my dog in not giving up until we learned how to make it work - very positive! I recommend Bark Busters all the time! Permalink
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Port Richey | August 19 2009
Vito was great for Gia and good for us too! After every visit from Vito we feel a lot is learned! He's the best! Our dog Gia enjoys him too! Permalink