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Orlando | June 10 2009
Jim explained the techniques clearly and made the training enjoyable. I saw immediate results with my dog. It was AMAZING! Outstanding job. I am a vet technician and will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to our clients as well as friends! THANKS! Permalink
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Brown Deer | June 09 2009
Nikki explained the training techniques. We observed that our dogs were much calmer by the end of training. Having three dogs is a joy-but can make training a little more difficult. Nikki was patient and provided excellent techniques. Permalink
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Mequon | June 09 2009
Nikki was very thorough and took a great deal of time to explain and demonstrate training philosophy and techniques. Permalink
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Milwaukee | June 09 2009
The explanation was great and easy to understand. The actual day of training we noticed results. Nikki was very informative and supportive. We have already noticed some positive things with our dog Katie, but still need to do a lot more work with her. Permalink
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Denver | June 09 2009
Robin, You are an awesome human being! Your wisdom and your patience with us has paid off! I feel confident that Lando has turned a corner! Our house guests have enjoyed his company, he is playing hard at the dog park, rather than just being a bystander and is calm in the house. I feel so much more comfortable meeting new people with him. I can honestly say that I'm glad I have Lando and think he will be/is a great dog. You've brought such peace to this house..I can't thank you enough!! I will continue to sing your praises to anyone I meet! Permalink
Pound Ridge | June 08 2009
We have two jack russell terriers that are very smart, head strong and excitable. I really never thought they could behave any other way, but Mark has shown us that is not true. I am so please with Mark and the work he has done with us already. 24 hours after Mark visited us our house was quiet for the first time EVER. I finally feel like we are in charge and the dogs are our companions. The skills we were taught are easy to learn and apply. We have had immediate response and we will continue to practice and train as mark instructed us. Great thanks to Mark... Permalink
Rochester Hills | June 08 2009
It works! I found myself laughing at the simplicity! I am so pleased to remove my negative behaviors with her that made us both feel terrible. Permalink
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Waterloo | June 07 2009
My dogs are already acting better. She slept a whole night through with no barking or crying to go out; I couldn't believe it. It is hard work but I have already seen a great improvement. Kathy is the Mary Poppins of dog training. Permalink
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St. Louis | June 07 2009
It was easy to understand and I saw results right away. I will recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Thank you. Permalink
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Tampa | June 07 2009
I have already recommended the Driers to a number of my clients. The improvement in my dog's behavior has been remarkable. She had already been through a significant amount of training, yet we had poor control of her jumping on people at the threshold and on walks. Within minutes of Bark Busters training, she was sitting politely and looking to me for permission to greet visitors politely. I will continue to whole-heartedly recommend Bark Busters! What a difference in my dog's behavior! Thanks! Permalink