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Mokena | May 11 2009
I found the training to be interesting and enjoyable. I was pleased with the training techniques used. Vicky explained the training in a way that was easy to follow. Permalink
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Menomonee Falls | May 11 2009
Nikki was great! Aspen has a long way to go but is responding to my commands. Nice that treats are not involved like in other programs. I like that it was done in the home convenience for the dog owner. Permalink
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Greendale | May 11 2009
I was delighted when correcting Bennet for jumping on furniture he listened and instead went in his crate on his own to lay! This was right after our first visit with Nikki. Permalink
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Naples | May 11 2009
Excellent on all counts - the change in Cody's behavior was like a miracle! As I work with Cody on a daily basis, I can see his manners improve even more. He was a joy before, and even more so now since Colin and June worked with me. Permalink
Birmingham | May 09 2009
John is absolutely great! His personal attention makes us feel special. Permalink
Troy | May 09 2009
We had a lot of fun with John & Molly while still learning a lot. She is finally understanding her roll in the pack -- and so are we! The change was unbelievable! We had guests over the next weekend and everyone was floored by the change in Molly! Permalink
West Ashley | May 09 2009
I would be lost in how to properly train my malti-poo puppy (Vixey) without it. I would refer James and Michelle because they're AWESOME to work with! Excellent experience overall... Permalink
Vet Tech | May 08 2009
My experience was excellent! I will recommend James & Michelle because I LOVE that the training is voice oriented, not treat based and does not use horrible collars. Permalink
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St. Louis | May 07 2009
Kathy was very good at training Benny and us. I have noticed a big improvement in Benny's behavior. The training was very interesting and we learned a lot. I have told a lot of people about this program and I would never take a dog to another class. I would only call Bark Busters. Permalink
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Novi | May 07 2009
We've used other dog training with no results. We saw results with Bark Busters in minutes! Zoey has made so much progress just days into the training. Excellent rating in every category! Permalink