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DeBary, FL | February 19 2007
Mike came to our home for the first class for two puppies. By the next day, the two puppies were different dogs. The lesson that Bark Busters gives is totally a learning lesson for not only the dogs but for us as well. I highly reccomend this to all people who want a well-behaved dog. They will be happy and so will you. Permalink
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Palmetto, GA | February 19 2007
Barry explained the training techniques in a very easy and simple to follow presentation. Barry was not only patient with our dog but with us as well. Molly was a different dog after the first session and a huge difference in her behavior after a follow-up session. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques and are against aggressive training which produces fearful dogs. That is why Bark Busters is perfect for any dog. Barry is a natural and our dog likes and enjoys the training. We have already recommended Bark Busters to numerous people and will continue to do so!! Permalink
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Verona, WI | February 18 2007
Linda made us feel very comfortable learning the new techniques. We have already had neighbors asking about Linda because they saw the Bark Busters car in our driveway. After the training, both dogs slept for the rest of the day! Permalink
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Middleton, WI | February 16 2007
I like the no-treat aspect and immediate results. Permalink
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Palm Harbor, FL | February 16 2007
The results of the training were amazing. After the initial training session, Lucy was a completely different dog. Well behaved and a joy to be around. Vito was absolutely wonderful to work with. Our family and friends could not believe the change and made comments like "if they didn't see it, they wouldn't have believed it"! Permalink
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West Nyack, NY | February 15 2007
Michelle was very clear and patient. I was impressed with the consistency, knowledge and technique. Permalink
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Crystal Beach, FL | February 15 2007
Vito was fabulous! He is patient, thorough and engaging. His ability to communicate with a canine is impressive and motivating. Great experience. Permalink
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city | February 14 2007
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Toledo, OH | February 09 2007
We saw results immediately!!! Great pack info. We would recommend Bark Busters to anyone!!!! Permalink
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Perrysburg, OH | February 09 2007
I would definitely recommend Bark Busters; it was fun and seemed to be effective; liked the ways of the trainer as well. Permalink