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Dallas | July 01 2008
I'm amazed how well the techniques work! It has made walking with Chloe an enjoyable experience for the first time! Rebecca was wonderful! Permalink
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Sun City Center | June 30 2008
(The training) was explained and demonstrated. After, we practiced together. Ali responds very well to the change in voice tone. I'm amazed at how simple it is to get Ali to change her behavior. I would definitely recommend. Permalink
Englewood | June 30 2008
The "all treats all the time" trainings did not work with out dog. This is so much more effective. We noticed results immediately and can use the tools forever -- great service! Thank you!! This training will allow us to keep our dog - something we may not have been able to do otherwise. Permalink
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The Woodlands | June 30 2008
The training worked so well I'm tempted to pay to have my neighbor's dog trained. Permalink
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Mazon | June 30 2008
After watching John, within the first few minutes I knew there was hope for my dog, Beaux. It will take some work, but I know we'll finally be a well-balanced family. Permalink
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Channahon | June 30 2008
John explained everything perfectly. The training was interesting and enjoyable. John was quite knowledgeable, very friendly and he was great with the dogs. Permalink
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St. Petersburg | June 30 2008
Vito was excellent with Diego. It was amazing to see Diego respond so well on the first session. I'm very pleased and will recommend Bark Busters to others. Permalink
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Cohoes | June 29 2008
Rachel addressed all of my questions and concerns in ways I understood, and she was very responsive to my needs. I have seen a tremendous difference in Max almost immediately in all areas and have found these techniques to be very successful and effective so far. I appreciated the follow-up call! Permalink
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Clifton Park | June 29 2008
The session was very understanding and informative. It was amazing the immediate results and they just keep getting better. I loved that there was no yelling, zap collars or shock collars. It was interesting and enjoyable. I have already started recommending to lots of people. We are so happy with our training! What an immediate improvement. Thank you so much! Permalink
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Rotterdam | June 29 2008
I have recommended it at least 3 times within the first week of training. Permalink