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Orlando | December 21 2007
Jim explained the training techniques clearly and he was able to get results that I was unable to achieve ever. It was amazing to see how my pet could become perfect with proper training. Great service!!!! Permalink
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Clermont | December 21 2007
We saw noticeable results with our dog by the end of the 1st session. Jim explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and he made the training very interesting and enjoyable. we will recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. Permalink
Verona | December 21 2007
I thought it was very informative. I wish I would have known all the information before owning a dog. The change in Buster was immediate and noticeable. He was a changed dog in the first session! His progress was amazing. My husband & I are very pleased with the technique. We realized that yelling is not the answer. Linda was a great coach and she was very patient as we were learning. The training was very enjoyable and we have learned a great deal from it. We've already started telling everyone we know! I will continue to suggest Bark Busters to all of our friends. It is great and it really works!! Permalink
Conover | December 19 2007
We are just into the third day of Bark Buster's training and are amazed and thrilled with the training. It has made such a difference with our two standard poodles, Bull and Bear, and even the little Yorkie, Dow Jones! They were "attacking" whenever anyone approached the front door, jumping on everyone, and being aggressive on walks. That is over already. Permalink
Orlando | December 19 2007
My dog had bitten 6 people including myself. This training was his last chance. If this didn't work, Chewy would have been put down. The training was effective and it gave me a way to communicate to my dog in a way he could understand. I saw immediate results, and this training going forward gives me the knowledge I need to calm my dog. It also makes Chewy eager to obey me. I also like that the training can also be applied to my other dog, too. The training was great and gave me the tools and knowledge to save a deserving dog's life! Permalink
Orlando | December 19 2007
Jim explained the training techniques clearly and made it very interesting. I saw very noticeable results the first lesson and I have told all my co-workers how much this training is doing for me and my dog. Jim was very encouraging and supportive while I was learning. THANK YOU!! Permalink
Middleton | December 19 2007
I would not have believed the results if I had not observed them myself. Permalink
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Staten Island | December 18 2007
I work at the Veterinary Center in Staten Island, and Rob stops in periodically to talk to us. There usually are customers in our office when he stops in, and he is always glad to answer any questions they have. Today, after he left our office, the client asked me for his name because she wants to have him help her with her dog! He has helped a lot of our clients, and we are very happy to recommend him any time someone asks for a trainer. Thanks, Rob, for a job well done! Permalink
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Oak Forest | December 17 2007
Easy to understand and didn't do any harsh punishments (very, very great); already listening to commands. Felt at home like training with friends. In just one training session, I felt like I had great tools to help me with my problems. I enjoyed every minute of the training. Very fun and interactive; liked being at home in comfortable environment. Permalink
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St. Paul | December 17 2007
The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. Lynne is great with children! The training experience was enjoyable and so much better in my home. I would recommend Bark Busters to others. I have given the phone number to my vet! Permalink