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Algonquin | July 12 2007
Unbelievable! I thought Rocko was uncontrollable, but saw immediate results! Permalink
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Palm Bay | July 11 2007
Pam and Zeke were very informative and personable. Several of our problem areas were corrected by the time they left. We were very happy that it wasn't treat-based training and have already recommended Bark Busters to a friend. Permalink
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Clermont | July 11 2007
The training was very easy to follow. By the time Jim left, my puppy had learned to sit/stay, come to me, and was much calmer and quiet. I had entertained the idea of purchasing and using a bark collar, however, I now know I can control his barking without the use of physical contact and I really prefer that. The training experience was interesting and I have already referred Jim to my parents. Permalink
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Winter Garden | July 11 2007
Jim was great at explaining not only how I should correct my dog but also why. I noticed much improvement and Jim is coming back for more sessions. Jim did a great job at making the training enjoyable and interesting. I love the great service and life of the dog guarantee and will recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Colonie | July 11 2007
Rachel has a gentle understanding manner. She seems to really know how dogs think. Permalink
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Diana V Houston, Texas | July 11 2007
I love that the training takes place in your own home and there is someone to call if you have problems later. I'm thrilled that the training method doesn't involve punishment, yet is so effective. Permalink
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McFarland | July 10 2007
Techniques were explained in detail, Linda demonstrated each before I tried the technique. The 3 hours went by very quickly. Positive results were seen immediately. I wish I would have called Bark Busters when Tucker was younger- before I spent $100 on pet store training. Permalink
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Stafford | July 10 2007
Mr. & Mrs. Smith were great. I could tell what they were teaching me was effective within twenty minutes of their visit. I am very pleased with how well Fedor has responded to this method. It makes sense. Donna and Jim are very knowledgeable about what they do. Donna has even made an appointment to meet me at the dog park to work on long- distance attentiveness training with all the chaos of the dog park. I highly recommend Bark Busters, especially Donna and Jim Smith. Thank you. Permalink
Louisville | July 10 2007
I am the proud mom of two adorable females, Lucy and Gracie, who are each under 20 lbs, both just under 2 years of age. They haven't given me a day's worry, except for a little barking on the porch, so I never thought about training assistance outside the ordinary treat-based puppy class. :) Then came the boy...Brady. He was a cute, 5 lb. sweetheart when I adopted him, and in 11 months exploded into an 85 lb. Lab-Great Dane mix who was running the household! His favorite game became "you're the criminal and I'm the police dog" - which of course involved jumping, mouthing my arms hard enough to pull me off balance, and barking mindlessly in his deep baritone! I was at my wit's end, and seriously considered finding him a new home on an ice farm at the South Pole...but I couldn't bear to part with the big lug. Permalink
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Barrington | July 09 2007
This was enlightening, educational & enjoyable. We noticed results right away. Rick was excellent and very easy to understand. Permalink