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Madison, WI | March 27 2007
The results so far and the follow up available as well as Linda's patience, the time she took and her skill is the reason why I would reccommend Bark Busters. Linda very insightfully corrected me that in fact, Ladie was not the problem child in my pack of 5 dogs, but in reality was Buster and why. They seem like a whole different set of pooches! Permalink
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Lehigh Acres, FL | March 27 2007
I had a lesson with Patrick (Bark Busters) on March 17th 2007 and today is March 22nd 2007 and my dog Sheba already walks to heal, does not cross the line she was trained not to cross when someone knocks on the door, no longer jumps on people she comes in contact with, stopped jumping on the furniture, and most importantly comes to me when called. I am so happy with the turn around in my dog in only five days that I could ramble on for hours. Today I ordered pizza and when the doorbell rang and my dog didn't run to answer the door I was totally amazed, finally I am the leader of the house and not my dog. Permalink
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West Nyack, NY | March 26 2007
Excellent therapist. Excellent session. Permalink
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Kimbrely D The Woodlands, Texas | March 26 2007
Lucy was responding immediately to the training. I wish I'd have known about Bark Busters sooner!! Permalink
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Tampa, TL | March 25 2007
Very easy to follow and understand. The folder with all of the information is a great reference. Amazing results, I am so pleased. I can't believe how quickly Oscar responded to the techniques. The most effective dog training I've ever seen! Jeff & Cathy are wonderful. I Love BARK BUSTERS! Thank you! Permalink
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Michigan Center, MI | March 25 2007
Before Ruth arrived, I was very skeptical...I have a Great Pyrenees and a chocolate Lab. My Pyrenees always barks outside and the neighbors weren't happy. Within the first hour, my dogs were changed. They listened to my husband and I and my Pyrenees did not bark (even with loud neighbors behind us playing). I am simply amazed and cannot thank Bark Busters enough!! Permalink
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Aurora , CO | March 25 2007
Okay, can we talk about this? My husband and I were rather hesitant on hiring Bark Busters for our 3 -year- old boxer and our 12-year-old cocker spaniel. Becky came over, calm and professional. She immediately saw what we needed help with and we immediately got to work! Within 2 hours, our boxer was no longer raising his hair, no longer growling at neighbors on a short walk and was as timid as could be! I might actually be able to hire a new housesitter! Our cocker spaniel was the root of the problem. She was the alpha dog, although smaller than our boxer. When she barked he would feel that agression and anxiety and immediately show his dominant side! Within moments, actually seconds, once we implimented the command, she stopped barking! It was amazing! Since Becky's visit, we have brought in a couple of unfamiliar neighbors and with the command and the training techniques in place our boxer is no longer in charge and our friends and family can safely come in to our home! Not to mention our anxiety level has almost subsided! The 12-year-old cocker spaniel is sitting, waiting, not barking at the neighbor dogs and listening to us! And they say, you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Thanks to Becky and Bark Busters, my husband and I are confident that we will be able to impliment the techniques and training tools we have learned and have a happy and safe home! Thank you! Permalink
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Taylor, MI | March 25 2007
We cannot believe the change in Maya! She is a different dog, very nice and respects and listens to us. We are so happy with the results. We feel like we have such a wonderful dog & we have our lives back! Permalink
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Harper Woods, MI | March 25 2007
It was amazing. My two dogs reacted almost immediately to the techniques. I love the fact that you can earn the respect of your dogs without using force. Bob is great, he made everything clear. He knew what he was talking about. Permalink
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Minneola, FL | March 24 2007
It was unbelievable at how well my dog did and I enjoyed being able to get my dog to learn as quick as he did. Jim was very patient and took his time and wasn't in a hurry. I was pleased with the natural training techniques and will recommend Jim and Bark Busters to my friends. Thanks, Jim! Permalink