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Beverly Hills | May 03 2007
Wow! Amazing! No gimmicks or gadgets required for truly incredible results within minutes. It was great for the whole family, including my daughters - ages 11 and 13. Lisa was very warm, personable and patient. Her explanations and demonstrations were crystal clear. Permalink
Highland Township | May 03 2007
We were surprised to see our dogs walking so calmly on a leash, and they were not barking at things that they normally would. It was an eye-opening experience. We feel like we have an insight into their world now and can relate to them. John was very helpful. Permalink
Rochester Hills | May 03 2007
Great experience, great interaction with dogs. Permalink
Waterford | May 03 2007
This training is remarkable. This program literally saved Bailey's life. Before Bark Busters, we were considering the alternative! We noticed immediate changes in Bailey. In fact, he seems like a happier dog. Thank you so much for giving us back our loving, little dog. Permalink
White Lake | May 03 2007
To teach a six-month old puppy how to walk nicely, to not snarl, to not jump in one day was amazing. Lisa is my 'Dog Whisperer.' Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | May 03 2007
John Lieberman was a joy. He understood my wife's concerns and helped her tremendously. We could not be more pleased with how we were trained. Permalink
West Bloomfield | May 03 2007
The presentation and explanation made so much sense. I had some prior knowledge, but John connected all the dots. Quite amazing. Permalink
West Bloomfield | May 03 2007
Fantastic results and they were immediate. We've been booted out of other programs but these techniques really helped get Bianci under control. Permalink
Rochester Hills | May 03 2007
What a wonderful program! Just when you thought you couldn't teach an old dog a new trick, Bark Busters teaches you that you can! Permalink
Birmingham | May 03 2007
My daughter and I were so frustrated with...the puppy that we wanted to give her back. Now that we've learned how to handle her we couldn't imagine being without her. Permalink