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Peoria, AZ | October 11 2006
We were referred to Bark Buster by our vet, Dr. Marsh, and are very pleased with the results. Our puppy, Moto, is behaving much better. He even responded to the training techniques during the first session! Permalink
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Toledo, OH | October 11 2006
I absolutely love Cheryl! She is very personable with me and my dogs. Her way of teaching is very easy to understand. Her demonstrations are impressive as the dogs react instantly. Her actions flow, as if they are second nature. She also seems to be very adaptable to individual households: she recognizes the needs and teaches accordingly. She is very eash to reach for follow-up help or questions. I noticed a difference in my dogs before the session was even over. My dogs are so much happier and playing together. I recommend the program to everyone I talk to. The training techniques are really common sense, but obviously nothing that I would have figured out on my own. It is more realistic than trying to bribe them with treats to do a trick. I am being taught a lifestyle. Permalink
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Wyoming | October 11 2006
Ever since the first visit, Bailey has been a different dog. I had Bailey for four months and he was totally unruly. Now I am enjoying him. Permalink
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Middletown, CT | October 05 2006
We think Bark Busters is great. The training was very enjoyable and Jane was light and very nice to have in our home. We think Bark Busters is marvelous and very helpful to have at home. Permalink
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Madison, WI | October 05 2006
Linda Conrad went through step by step with me verbally and reinforced with more techniques in on the spot training. I thought she brought my dog's "good twin" with her! These techniques make sense to me and obviously and most importantly to Buddy. Time went so quickly. The training was intensive and made its mark on me as the leader and Buddy looking to me for direction. What an amazing program! The results were amazing! It's quiet and relaxed in our home and Buddy has found his leader of the pack! Linda is very knowledgeable and consistent. Permalink
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Rockford | October 04 2006
Ken & Lynne took their time and made sure we understood everything before proceeding. It made it that much easier to follow the correct procedures when the actual training started. The results were amazing. Our dog continues to respect us, his leaders, and his bad behaviors have not returned at all. We love Bark Busters. They made our "out of control, not knowing what he was to do" dog into a perfect angel that we are able to communicate with and enjoy. We are enjoying him even more as the days go on. Permalink
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Pearl River, NY | October 02 2006
I was really pleased. I never thought Sammy would accept my grandson. I thought for sure she would have to be destroyed. Now she really does accept Jack as part of the pack. Permalink
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Newnan, GA | October 02 2006
Barry & Jessica are awesome! Our dog Jesse has had amazing results after the first session!! We have recommended Barry to our neighbors and friends. We just love Jesse's results! Permalink
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Chris & Jan P Houston, Texas | October 02 2006
Excellent methods w/immediate results. Long term fix for our dog !! Permalink
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Ada | October 01 2006
It is a miracle, to be sure. I never would have believed that the chaos of 3[dogs], including a puppy, could be changed at the end of one lesson. We have already recommended you to others. Permalink