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Holiday, FL | September 29 2006
The techniques that Vito taught us were very easy to learn and effective. We saw an immediate improvement in all three of our dogs. We look forward to implementing these techniques every day for the safety and future of our pets. Thank you so much for all your help. Permalink
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Fairburn, GA | September 28 2006
We found the directions very clear and the instruction was extremely detailed and easy to remember. There was an instant change in Cocoa's behavior after the first training session. I'm impressed by how simple the natural techniques are to implement and that no physical methods are used. We found the training enjoyable and we were never bored because Barry kept our interest on the information he was presenting. I think these training methods could be used to successfully transform any dog with any problem. Thanks so much for your help! Permalink
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Verona, WI | September 28 2006
Linda was very clear, compassionate and patient! It was an amazing transformation (in both of us). It seems that my dog is finally so relieved that I am learning to speak her language. It makes such perfect sense and it works! I can see that I am the one being trained, so I hope that I will be a fast learner for my dog's sake! Permalink
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Toledo, OH | September 25 2006
I've used different techniques, this seems like it is gonna work. I noticed results by the end of the training. I'm glad I chose Bark Busters. Permalink
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Griffin, GA | September 22 2006
Barry explained the training techniques step by step and made everything easy to understand. I love the fact of using voice tones and not physical contact to communicate with my dog. Barry never acted like he was in a hurry. He was very patient with us and our PUPPY. He gave us much more information than I expected. There were noticeable results by the end of our first session. Permalink
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North Royalton, OH | September 22 2006
I recommend Bark Busters to everyone because it works. Kathy is great at her job & is a joy to have to work with you. Permalink
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East Northport, NY | September 21 2006
Jason was calm and very clear on explaining what to do .He worked with us and Toby and in just a few explanations Toby was responding correctly. I was happy to find out that I diden't have to carry around treats to get him to listen to me. I had a lot of fun seeing Toby understand what I was doing and saying. I will absolutely refer Bark Busters, it was a positive experience with results that can only progress to where I want to get. Permalink
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Middletown, CT | September 20 2006
Down to earth and easy to use techniques. Permalink
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Medford, NY | September 20 2006
The Bark Busters method worked well with our dog, Beau. Joe and I feel our dog will do wonderful. I feel my husband and I learned alot and are very excited to see the results. We will recommend Bark Busters to our freinds because Jason is extremely patient with us and our dog and was also very encouraging. Permalink
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Mastic Beach, NY | September 20 2006
I was so pleased with the techiques used by Bark Busters and I was so surprised how quickly the system worked. Thank you for the opportunity to learn how to train my dog easily. Permalink