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Bolwing Green, OH | September 07 2006
I already have recommended Bark Busters! Even people walking their dogs near our house. Their dogs are in control. We noticed results by the end of the training. We have some strong willed dogs, but they are consistently showing improvement. Permalink
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New City, NY | September 06 2006
Very informative and helpful. Michelle was wonderful! Permalink
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Shirley, NY | September 06 2006
We were pleased with the techniques that were used by Bark Busters. It was a training method that match us. It was not forceful, and Dakota enjoyed the session as well. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends because I would not want our friends to make the training mistakes we have in the past. Permalink
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Chestnut Ridge, NY | August 31 2006
Michelle was very good at explaining the "whys and wherefores." There is immediate response from the dogs and we feel the future is bright!! Permalink
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Dewitt, MI | August 31 2006
Kendra was excellent with all of our dogs & with us. We were very impressed with the training and the results we are seeing in our dogs. Permalink
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Perrysburg, OH | August 30 2006
Just wanted to let you know how well Scooter is doing. He's really become a very obedient and polite dog. He keeps us laughing with his Border Collie antics, and still never ceases to amaze us with his "brainiac" reputation! Permalink
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South Suburban Animal Hosp - Bowling Green, OH | August 30 2006
Yes, I found the training experience enjoyable. It taught me many things that I had been doing wrong. I was pleased with the natural training techniques. I hope that it will allow us to enjoy her last days. We had noticeable results by the end of the training with our 17-year-old Boxer. Roxie was starting to follow us and respond to the BAHs by the end of the training. Cheryl explained to us the way that dogs think. I would recommend Bark Busters and I think that is is great for younder dogs. Permalink
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Toledo, OH | August 30 2006
Zoey (8-month-old Goldendoodle) was beggining to respong to the training as soon as we started. We liked the fact that it is all on commands and pack leadership. It's amazing how quickly Zoey responded. I loved the training techniques. Cheryl was great! Permalink
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Waterville, OH | August 30 2006
We gained a lot of insight into why dogs behave the way that they do and we saw immediate results utilizing training techniques we can do ourselves. Permalink
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Monclova, OH | August 30 2006
I am extremely pleased with the results and have recommended Bark Busters to everyone! Permalink