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Atlanta, GA | February 03 2005
Chloe is like a different dog. Immediately she stopped pulling on the leash and the true 'Leader of the Pack' is back in command. Permalink
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Wyoming | January 14 2005
After just one session, there is a noticeable difference in Rudy. It was to the point where I wanted to get rid of Rudy; now we are friends again. Permalink
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Kentwood | January 07 2005
I was very impressed with the first appointment with Lynne and Ken De Boer. Buff is very special to me and I want the best for him. I know that the training I received will achieve that because in just two days I can see much improvement in him. Thank you. Permalink
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Darlene L Cypress, Texas | July 20 2004
After only 2-1/2 hours, WOW !!!!!! Permalink
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Vivian W Seguin, Texas | April 03 2004
Prissy is 16 months old. Twelve of those have been a nightmare. This method is amazing! I recommend this to everyone. Permalink
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Jessica and Dan E Richmond, Kentucky | February 01 2001
Kendra even wrote our homework on a nice schedule for us to follow. Wonderful first experience with Kendra. Looking forward to our continuing work with her. Highest marks. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Other, Pulling
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Samantha Y Denver, Colorado | March 31 2000
We have a brand new dog. I honestly can't believe the changes that were made with our dog in such a short. Of time. He was horrible on the leash and had incredibly aggressive behavior towards anyone coming to the door. Literally within one hour we had learned techniques that have transformed him into a dog that we, at times, thought we might have to get rid of to and Incredibly well-behaved. The training is clear, concise, very thorough and He makes himself available whenever you need follow-up help. I will never get another pet without using him to help. I cannot say enough about this service. Anyone with a dog who barks too much, is too aggressive, pulls on the leash, or anything else that you need to correct should call them immediately Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling
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Amanda F Queens, New York | October 03 1909
Josh was really amazing with both of our dogs Mario and Rosy. When he walked in the house they immediately sensed his calmness and listened and really were engaged in the training exercises. They had a pretty big fight the week before and my husband and I were on edge about how they would co- exist after the fight. Josh was able to train them and more importantly us with some great techniques to create respect and peace in the house. I can truly say he brought peace to the house and a month later we are all doing great. Big thanks to Josh and the Bark Busters Team! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
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Gambrills | November 30 -0001
My dog responded immediately! Sharon did an excellent job! Pepper responded to her as if she were part of our family. Permalink
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Odenton | November 30 -0001
I can't believe what a short time it took to make some progress. I told my husband it would take a miracle. Sharon did a fantastic job and we couldn't be more pleased. I say we" because I feel a difference in my dogs' attitudes especially Mariah. All 3 dogs seem more quiet and relaxed hopefully because they are starting to think ""Maybe our mom IS the leader of our little pack & we can take a well-deserved vacation after 12 years!"" ~ I took the 3 of them for a long walk/run. They did very well and I had no problem controlling them which is quite unusual. They did not bark at anyone including a few dogs close by. They did not bark at all in the car at a stop sign with a couple walking by with their two dogs. Normally the car is shaking literally all over and I cannot keep them quiet. I'm beginning to like my power!!"" " Permalink