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Patrick B
Patrick B Naples, Florida | April 10 2020
June and Colin are amazing! Our mini Aussie was attacked by another dog in December. We had been told many times she'd never recover from her fear of other dogs. We quickly learned our behavior was only reinforcing her fears. June and Colin educated us on dog behavior (and kindly let us realize our behavior needed to change). They are true dog whisperers. In a short week, we've already seen results beyond the ones seen at our initial visit. Permalink
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Colin N Queens, New York | April 09 2020
Josh was responsive and had time to come by at very short notice. We were first apprehensive about having someone come in, and what the results would look like, but Josh was phenomenal, and we started seeing almost immediate results. We went over attention-seeking (jumping at the table while we were all seated and talking), door training (scratching/sniffing/barking at the door when we left a room or the house), following around the house, and barking/greeting at the door. Our dog is so much more relaxed and less tense now after just two hours. The vibe in our house has already changed so much. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their dog! Permalink
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Rob C
Rob C Brooklyn, New York | April 08 2020
We brought home our first baby. The dogs DID NOT react well. Our pit bull mix who is normally floppy and happy was lunging at the baby and our hound wouldn't stop barking. We were completely separated in our home as they normally slept in bed with us but were now a risk. New parents, no sleep, now our fur babies were out of control. Our vet recommended some sedatives, a behaviorist, and Rob from Barkbusters. The behaviorist is about 80 years old, Ph.D..had no idea what to do and had to have everything spelled and written for him, eventually told us the pit "would need rehoming as nobody can control that dog." Rob showed up around 5:45 pm and was in complete control of the house. The barking..stopped...aggression..stopped. We had tools, instructions, explanations, and peace of mind. He called and texted numerous times. We were all back in bed together as a family within a week. I can't say enough. The tips he gave us have resulted in permanent behavior change in our dogs. Permalink
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Trainer note from Robert : Thanks so much! With COVID-19 happening right now, good news is in short supply BUT this made my day!!! Be safe!
Chris N
Chris N Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida | April 07 2020
I was referred Bark Busters by my Vet. I rescued Paco an 8-10 year old chihuahua. He was barking and aggressively lunging at my neighbors as they would walk by Not a good thing I was honestly thinking the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I’m glad Luis showed me that’s not true. After about 2 hours, I have a brand new dog. He walks by my side and for the most part, he doesn’t pay them attention. Once in awhile, he might see someone he’s not too sure about, but I immediately remind him what Luis taught us, and he’s back to being a good dog. Luis is a miracle worker and I appreciate his expert help. I recommend him highly. I didn’t think this would be possible, and on day one Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking
Trainer note from Luis : Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly enjoyed helping you and Paco getting adapted on his Forever home. He has some bad old habits, but I’m confident that by following the instructions, he will be much happier and peaceful in your house. Kind Regards, Luis Escobar
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Joan H Dallas, Texas | April 07 2020
Karen is happy to let you know that the "BBBAAAAAAHHHH" sound has been effective for both Google, and her own girl, Zuri. Both pay better attention and respond to that utterance! We were both very glad to see that respecting Google and his "quirks" for who he is,that was also important. Your plan of action is very helpful, and as usual, I learned a lot. Many thanks! Permalink
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Trainer note from Mike and Judy : Hi Joan & Karen, Goodonya for your successful use of the techniques and the practice you have done. Also a big thanks for conducting our lesson by Zoom Meeting to help keep everyone save during the Coronavirus outbreak.
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Carl W Hudsonville, Michigan | April 07 2020
Good morning Sheri; Well, that was quite the time well spent yesterday. We both said wow. Though with a puppy we are glad to have started now. It’s kinda of like a child you start gradually step by step even though you want them to be like a ten year old. Both of our granddaughters were glad they were here! Thanks for allowing them to participate. Be safe and have a good day! Howie Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Chewing, Puppy management, Toileting
Trainer note from Sheri : Thanks Carl - and Howie! It was great to 'virtually' meet with you. I look forward to visiting in person, I need a puppy snuggle
Dave B
Dave B ESTERO, Florida | April 06 2020
My family just finished our first training session with Patrick for our 10 month old pit bull Cecil. I was astonished at what was accomplished within a couple of hours and how our dog reacted to the session and the results from my family and I beginning to "speak dog". He just gets it now. Cecil is now a well polished dog on our walks and virtually everyone that we encounter out in public stops and comments about how well behaved he is on the leash. He really is a good walker now in stark contrast to how he was previously. I really did not like walking with him as he was constantly pulling (He's a very strong puppy!), jumping on people and sniffing everything wildly. It was chaos. Now, Cecil AND his owners are in the green zone and it is SO much more pleasant! Permalink
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Anna D
Anna D Bainbridge, Georgia | April 03 2020
After just the first lesson we can notice a difference! Permalink
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Brian A
Brian A Apopka, Florida | April 03 2020
We noticed a big improvement with our dog during and agter the training. The trainer was very detailed and went over all the concerns we had, Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Digging, Jumping up, Pulling, Puppy management
Trainer note from John : Bailey was fun to work with, looking forward to seeing her and family again.
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Leslie M Albuquerque, New Mexico | April 03 2020
We were very pleased with the strategies that Jim taught us to use with our dog Ellie.The strategies make sense to Ellie and over time and with continued training she has learned to follow our lead.Because she was a rescue dog and because she experienced an attack by another dog that resulted in injuries, Ellie exhibited a lot of anxiety. After the attack she was afraid to go outside and had night terrors. By using the techniques and with time and patience Ellie is much calmer. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Recall, Separation anxiety