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Katie C Des Moines, Iowa | June 16 2014
Working with Deborah has really helped us to understand how to train our dog. The first day we made a list of the numerous issues we were having with Bogey and she took the time to review and address each one of them, and help us more on the ones we found we were struggling with the most. She took a lot of time to consider what we wanted and needed to get out of the training and Bogey has responded very well. We have received a number of comments from friends and family members (and even a plumber on a return visit!) on how much calmer and better behaved Bogey is since we began the training. We still have some work to do but so far the training has helped tremendously! Permalink
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Camara M Sunrise, Florida | June 16 2014
I am so impressed with the techniques you taught me on your first visit. Jamison is now listening to me and I am doing all the exercises you taught. The jumping and barking are getting much better and walking him is now a dream. I look forward to our next lesson and am ready to learn a lot more! Permalink
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Barry M Davie, Florida | June 16 2014
Bruce; Robert is doing so much better. The barking and growling that he once did when anyone new coming into the house is now 100% gone. I keep him back on a leash and allow him to see that I am calm and happy when new people come in and he is fine too. The "calm and resolute" technique that you taught me really works. If it only worked on my employees, life would be perfect! Permalink
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Katherine C Plantation, Florida | June 16 2014
Thank you so much for helping us get Lloyd under control. I know that you told us that Jack Russell Terriers are crazy, but Lloyd is now a new, good boy. He isn't jumping on everyone and doesn't run around the house like a crazy animal. You helped us teach him what was right and wrong and he seems to be much more calm now. Maybe it was us all along! Whatever the case, thank you again for restoring order in our household! Permalink
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Jamie R Weston, Florida | June 16 2014
Robin, Mighty Mike is doing great. This is our first puppy and we just didn't know what to do about the potty and the nipping. We got all the stuff you told us for the potty and have him on a schedule. It is getting much, much better. Also, the nipping has now disappeared. You not only are the dog whisperer, you taught us how to be dog whisperers. Thank you! Permalink
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Steve and Joan T Miramar, Florida | June 16 2014
Thank you for all your help with our crazy Catahouloa. He was going after other dogs on the walk and would destroy everything in our house when we would leave for even the shortest time. Out Veterinarian told us that we should call Bruce and Robin and they would work miracles. Just after the first session, we could see a big change. As soon as Bruce entered the house, our normally crazy dog settled down and sat by his feet. He explained why Maggie was destroying everything when we left and what we needed to do. It was simple to remember and easy for us to do. Within just a few days we have noticed a very big improvement. On our second visit, we went out walking. Robin came out this time and she explained how we needed to take control from inside before even went out. When we got outside, Maggie wasn't nearly as crazy and we could easily control her. The way that Bruce and Robin explained everything made a lot of sense. We are so happy with how things are coming! Permalink
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Lisa G Greensboro, North Carolina | June 14 2014
Amy was fantastic! Tesla responded instantly to the training style. She's learned she doesn't have to bark and respond to every little noise. Tesla also was clearly enjoying herself! I haven't seen her that happy in a long time. Permalink
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Brett G Riverside, Connecticut | June 14 2014
I spoke with Mike at length concerning a few issues I was having with my 5 year old female pitbull Hailey, I was sold by his confidence and decided to make an appointment. Hailey has a tendancy to be a bit hyperactive when people visit my house - jumping, pacing, constant need for attention, etc. Mike arrived to see this first hand and proceeded to give us the basics on dog training. He took his time and explained the reasoning behind Hailey's behavior and how I ultimately was the underlying cause. Within an hour of interacting with her utilizing his skills I was enlightened by the change in her behavior. We became lifetime members and look forward to working on Mike in an effort to fine tune the few issues that Hailey has developed over the years. Permalink
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Fran & Steve T Evanston, Illinois | June 13 2014
Marlene and Howard have been wonderful! We first contacted them for our puppy Jazz. It was right before Thanksgiving and they came to our home within a couple of days. They spent three hours with us and taught us several strategies to deal with our dog's problem behaviors. They were very patient and understanding. Although things did not work out and we had to return Jazz to the breeder, we were very appreciative of Marlene and Howard's efforts. We recently adopted a female rescue dog, Bobbie, and we have contacted Marlene and Howard once again. As before, they have been extremely helpful and Bobbie is definitely making progress. Of course, much of the training involves teaching us and we are also improving! We have been so impressed with their knowledge, training methods, patience, and time spent in helping us. We strongly recommend them to anyone looking for help with their dog. Permalink
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Marie and John R
Marie and John R Watertown, Connecticut | June 12 2014
Richard and Vicki not only explain the training techniques but also double check to make sure we are clear with each exercise. We are always very pleased at the end of each training with the results. We really appreciate how far our "difficult" dog has come. Richard and Vicki are incredible trainers. Very patient with our dog and with us! Permalink
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