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Keith & Elise Y South Lyon, Michigan | March 21 2014
Ruth knows her stuff !! Our puppy responded to the training right away. Every time we meet with Ruth, as our puppy gets older, we come up with a new action plan which helps a lot. We like how respectful the training techniques are. Permalink
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Delaine H Ypsilanti, Michigan | March 21 2014
Ruth was easy to understand and listened to our needs and concerns. We had another trainer last year and never got the results we did with Bark Busters. Both dogs responded fast and well. Ruth was great - not overbearing and great at explaining what we needed to do. Permalink
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Tim M Maple Valley, Washington | March 20 2014
In December of 2012, my family and I decided to adopt two Dachshunds from a rescue shelter. Within days we were regretting our decision. The dogs were wild animals running all over the house, tearing up the furniture, using the house as a bathroom and biting our children and adults alike. We decided we would have to return the dogs. As a last ditch effort, I contacted the local vet and asked if they could recommend an animal behaviorist. Without hesitation, they provided me with Jack Knudsen's information. I called him on Saturday and Jack agreed to come out to our house on Sunday at no charge to evaluate the situation. When Jack rang the door bell, the dogs went nuts as usual and even started biting his shoes when he walked in. In less than five minutes, Jack had the dogs sitting down and listening as we discussed the situation! My wife and I were amazed and immediately signed up for a year with Jack. Things improved very quickly using Jack's techniques and our dogs no longer bite and are house trained. I would not hesitate recommending Jack to anyone. Permalink
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Kristie H Normal, Illinois | March 20 2014
...first day was a drastic improvement from previous behavior. ...firm but not hurtful to dog. ...glad not treat based. Permalink
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Deb H Eureka, Illinois | March 20 2014
In the past week I have been able to walk my dog every day, which I couldn't do before, without him pulling me down the street. I would recommend this training for anyone who has a dog. Permalink
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Jean L Roanoke, Illinois | March 20 2014
Surprised at the easy way to make her understand what she should and shouldn't do. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Recall
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Rosie H Bloomington, Illinois | March 20 2014
Noticeable results? Absolutely! We were surprised he didn't act up when we tested him outside with our neighbor's dog. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Jumping up, Pulling, Toileting
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Mike & Sandy Hammett H Livonia, Michigan | March 20 2014
Maril does an amazing job educating clients and offering support in a personal and most respectful way. Within the same day we saw such tremendous improvement that we all felt more confident about the techniques we were taught and that the behavior problems would be addressed. The techniques are so natural that everyone in our family can at any time apply them for effective results. The personal approach (1-on-1) definitely makes the training more effective and therefore more enjoyable. Seeing immediate results makes it even better. The Bark Buster approach clearly works. We feel blessed to have had this opportunity to learn from Bark Busters proven techniques and our dedicated therapist. We are so grateful for the transformation taking place in our home. Thank you Maril & Thank You Bark Busters! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Digging, Jumping up, Other
Trainer note from Maril and Bob : Ribby was biting family members while guarding areas in the house. The Hammett family is dedicated to Ribby and I attribute their success to effective follow through and application of the Bark Buster techniques.
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Jim and Cheryl P Grand Rapids, Michigan | March 19 2014
We can't say enough positive comments about Bark Busters. It is obvious from the first time Ken enters your home that he knows his business. He listens to you and helps identify goals that are right for your home and animals. He is clear about the training techniques and teaches you how to use the techniques needed to change the behaviors. We could see a marked improvement after the first visit. We are now in our third week and the difference in our dog and household is amazing not only to us but others. It is nice to be able to enjoy our dog without the behaviors getting in the way and it is good to know that help is only a phone call away should we need it. If you are thinking about finding someone who loves animals and will help you gain control without punishment then you have found the right place. Permalink
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Susan & Mark L Cape Coral, Florida | March 19 2014
The training was informative and fascinating. We saw definite results. It was like something clicked in Will's brain and now he knew he was not suppose to steal or mouth. I was considering an e-collar but really wanted to avoid that. Bark Busters of Fort Myers teaches a simple method that is easy to follow and we have had excellent results. Permalink
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