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Priscilla C Greensboro, North Carolina | December 03 2013
Amy was better than I could have ever imagined. She has already trained me & my dog in 2 1/2 hours. It can't be any better! Very knowledgeable and so powerful when she speaks. If this was all I ever learned, it would be enough! My puppy comes now when called, distance control was almost immediate and BAHH worked perfectly! I loved Amy! I will recommend Bark Busters as soon as I can call everyone! Permalink
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Barbara R Delmar, New York | December 02 2013
We were amazed that simple and natural techniques could have an immediate and noticeable impact on our dogs. The first session absolutely flew by and we both learned a tremendous amount of information and techniques...and our dogs responded so well to them. We can not wait for future sessions and working with our "girls." Permalink
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Cynthia K Delmar, New York | December 02 2013
Rachel was amazing with our dogs. We are looking forward to training them. Life is already so much better! If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe how quickly training helped. Permalink
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Jennifer K Clifton Park, New York | December 02 2013
Rachel was very thorough in her explanations and answered all questions I asked. She was very helpful and made everything clear and understandable. I did see immediate changes in Blossom. She clearly understands and caught on quickly to the training methods. Permalink
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Slade C Cary, North Carolina | December 01 2013
Jerry from Bark Busters did a fantastic job explaining the techniques in Vienna's training. We were very pleased at the simplicity and how stress free the training techniques were. By the end of the first training session Vienna was responding favorable to our commands during her most difficult episodes. This occurred without yelling or touching Vienna making the techniques non threatening.. Erika and I were amazed at how simple and natural the methods are. We look at all dogs in a different light and we feel a thousand times more confident not only with Vienna, but with other dogs Vienna comes in contact with. We have already bragged about Bark Busters and Jerry to our friends. Thanks Jerry! Permalink
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Karolina B Naples, Florida | December 01 2013
Khloe instantly learned respect after only 30 minutes of her first session. Permalink
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Monica C Missouri City, Texas | December 01 2013
Unbelievable! I didn't think Clark would listen. He picked up the new rules quickly and he is MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE now. Thank you! Permalink
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Anne H Albany, New York | November 30 2013
Rachel was calm, patient, and reassuring which Spot and I both really needed. Watching Rachel with Spot was amazing - what was even more amazing is the results I got utilizing her techniques - and quickly! Rachel's techniques are very much in line with my own instincts when it comes to training and interacting with pups. I would recommend Rachel in a heartbeat. In a matter of hours, Rachel was able to ease much of my anxiety along with my dog's - priceless. Permalink
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Beth K Glenville, New York | November 30 2013
I like the positive reinforcement that doesn't involve mostly treats. It has been only 24 hours since Rachel left and we had our first enjoyable times since Daisy arrived 6 months ago!! Rachel provided several suggestions that were very easy to implement and are already making a difference in Daisy's behavior. Permalink
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Cathy S Daytona Beach, Florida | November 28 2013
James was very easy to follow and talk to. We were completely at ease with him. Remarkable!! We saw the crazy barking at every noise just about stop the first night. We love that the training tools are simple to use and the commands are easy on the dogs and us. The techniques are interesting to see and the results make it enjoyable. I Absolutely recommend bark busters!! I have already spreading the word at work and elsewhere. Thank you for making our live better!! Permalink
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