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Lisa T
Lisa T White Plains, New York | May 10 2016
Nicole came to our house to help our dog get over her car anxiety, to properly greet people when they come to the house, leash walking, and to come when called. Luna is a 7 year old black lab, Shepard rescue that we have has since she was 12 weeks old. Nicole was extremely thorough in her presentation of what the training was all about before we began to train. Because of Luna's nature, Nicole had to create situations to help correct Luna's behavior. She did so very successfully, even being a passenger in the car with Luna and I to correct her from trying to jump into the front seat. At one point Luna was laying down on the back seat... Something that she had NEVER done. She was also successful with helping me to correct the other issues mentioned. By the end of the session my dog REALLY got it! I have continued with the training and the correction and it is working extremely well. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicole to anyone. She really knows how to work with dogs and their owners. Also, knowing that I she will come back if needed is great! Permalink
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Mcgill D Stamford, Connecticut | May 10 2016
I wanted to wait a while before I posted a review too see how effective the training was. And with Michaels help it made my family's life and dogs life way better. My dog Julian was aggressive, jumping up a lot, and the worse of them all pulling on a leash. In one session we started to see a change and then when my family and I started to do it ourselves I started to finally see the results and I couldn't be happier. Not only did he give us tips about teaching my dog proper manners, he gave us advice about feeding and about socializing and I really appreciated that. Michael, from The Dumay Family, thanks again for all your help and we will definitely be seeing you soon for a follow up! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Pulling
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Andrea A S, Connecticut | May 10 2016
Training a dog is not an easy thing to do. You need lots of time to spend for them to actually get them to understand. I try my best to spend time with Tabasco, but that is easier said then done. For the most part he is doing well and I know if I were to spend more time with him he would do really well. He does have a lot of commands down, like sit & stay and come (while in the house). Now I have to work with him outside. I still have issues with him barking at the squirrels and birds and his aggressive behavior with other dogs when we are out walking. He is fine with dogs he has already met, it is just the first few times he meets a dog that he goes crazy. All in all, I think that he will do good, once I am able to spend more time with him. Permalink
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Betsy G Englewood, Colorado | May 10 2016
I cannot say enough good things about Dan and his training!! I recently moved from a quiet, single home setting into an apartment and within a week I received a noise complaint regarding my dog's barking. I knew I had to immediately take care of the problem --- I did not want to use a shock collar so I called my vet who highly recommended Bark Buster's. At our first meeting, Dan spent about 90 minutes with me and my dog, first educating me about dogs and dog mentality followed by the training. That one session was all it took to get my little maltipoo's barking completely under control. Dan followed up with another session on attentiveness / walking training and once again, the results were and have been amazing. Dan's love and respect of dogs is immediately obvious. His approach to training is gentle yet so effective. As one of the reviewers wrote ... the training was well worth the cost and I too highly recommend Dan and his training technique. Permalink
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Barbara A Des Moines, Iowa | May 09 2016
Excellent first session. Allie is a 5 year old GSD rescue. She has separation anxiety and leash reactivity. We understand how we need to build trust as us as the decision makers. We are practicing the exercises Deb taught us and are already making progress on leash, much less pulling, although we are still only going to the end of the driveway! Deb told us to take it slow but we already see positive changes. We will do additional work on leash reactivity ( other dogs) and have more hope we will be able to walk Allie without extreme aggression directed at other dogs. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Pulling, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Deb : Barbara, I am so happy to read your feedback! With this success 5 days into the training, I am confident that Allie is going to be a happier, more confident dog, in no time!
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Debra M Havertown, Pennsylvania | May 08 2016
Don helped us understand our newly adopted Pit Bull. Penny was found roaming the streets of West Philadelphia and while we have been dog lovers and owners for more than 35 years, we had no experience (good or bad) with this breed. It was comforting and reassuring to get his opinion and to gain tools to help Penny adjust to her new home. Permalink
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debi G Plymouth meeting, Pennsylvania | May 08 2016
Jeri Wagner is an amazing trainer!! After only one session I saw marked improvement. My boy was a disastrous mess, now I call him my angel boy because he is soooooo good. Jeri always make herself available, and has all the answers to my questions. She taught me how to effectively communicate with my dog, and I am grateful to her for salvaging the relationship with my dog!!! I just bought the Wagg walker, and it works like a dream after just a few minutes practice,my boy acts like a gentleman!!Thank you Jeri & Barkbusters!! Permalink
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Lauren K Potomac, Maryland | May 07 2016
I will highly recommend Glenda and Bark Busters. She is a fabulous training and has been a great help in the training of our new "high energy" puppy. She has a great demeanor with both people and dogs and utilizes only a positive training approach that works wonders:) Permalink
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Rocky N Spicewood, Texas | May 07 2016
Lori was fantastic. I saw a huge improvment in Romeo's behavior and jumping within hours. Lori is a "10!" We love the Bark Buster Red Game Changer reward toy too! Permalink
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Emily B
Emily B Seattle, Washington | May 07 2016
Before David Wiley worked with us and Rosco, we were at a complete loss as to what to do regarding a multitude of issues. The main pain points included barking incessantly out of our front window, out of control leash walking and reactivity with other dogs both on leash and off. We tried a lot of different methods of training on our own and finally got to a point where we needed professional help. After the first session it was surprising how well and quickly Rosco responded to all the methods David taught us. Previously we were doing all the wrong things and confusing Rosco which is why nothing was working. After two follow up sessions we now have all the tools and methods to know what to do in all of his "problem situations" and we've seen tons of improvement with all 3 behavioral problems. I'm so glad we found BarkBusters, Rosco is much happier and the stress of dealing with his issues is now gone. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety