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Lonnie C The Woodlands, Texas | August 15 2013
The dogs picked up instantly on the technique w/great response. We don' like training that is not friendly. Permalink
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Sarene P Houston, Texas | August 15 2013
Jumping corrected while "starting". Very impressed with the training that "sounded too good to be true" !! Permalink
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Mary Lou G Houston, Texas | August 15 2013
Very clear instructions. Simple to understand - common sense. We learned many new things about our dog's nature. They work with you in your home and the dog's environment. We saw immediate results in their behavior Permalink
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Stephanie M Tomball, Texas | August 15 2013
Bob was very through in training and in explaining the rationale behind the training. The change in Truman was very noticeable and immediate. Awesome !! Saw immediate results & training lessons that are easy to enforce and use every day. Permalink
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Clint & Kellie E Cypress, Texas | August 15 2013
Simply Amazing !! Too easy, why didn't I call you sooner? Effective program, easy to implement. Thank you Bob !! Permalink
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B. J. T Houston, Texas | August 15 2013
Good results in a short period of time w/o harsh treatment. Permalink
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Clare H Katy, Texas | August 15 2013
I like this gentler method b/c my dogs are sensitive. Any one can do it ! Permalink
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Naomi S Cypress, Texas | August 15 2013
Bob was conscientious and very patient. His explanations were clear and effective. The results were dramatic! We are still a "work in progress". The training techniques are humane and reasonably simple to employ. Permalink
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Megan A Melbourne, Florida | August 15 2013
My experience with Pam was amazing. From the moment I'd wake up, to the second I went to bed, my dog would bark at everything and anything, even a leaf dropping. My dog had been through multiple group trainings, which was perfect for out of home, group interactions, and for learning the basics. Pam was able to come in and tie up all the loose ends in one session. He is a completely different dog. Once anxiety/stress ridden, he is now a calm, trusting dog. I was never able to walk him without constantly worrying about his reactions to passerby's and his pulling issues. Now, I can walk him comfortably with barely a strain on his leash. I now feel comfortable taking him places where other people will be. I would recommend Pam to anyone that owns a dog. My little guy had his follow up session today, 8/14, and I'm so proud of how far he has come (and myself!!). THANK YOU PAM! WE CAN FINALLY RELAX!!! : )! Permalink
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Steve & Ashlee K Cypress, Texas | August 15 2013
Bob's presentation is absolutely clear. The change in the dogs was "night & day". We are pleasantly happy with the non-harsh training methods. Very through, effective technique. Amazing results in only a couple of hours. Permalink