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Brookly Park | April 19 2013
Lynne is a nice, honest, genuine trainer. Simple techniques. Very honest and open with lots of experience to share. We have very loving and soft hearted dogs. It's difficult when you see your dogs suffering on the inside (anxiety) and don't know what to do. This has been a great experience being able to be shown several ways to help your dog instead of feeling hopeless. It brings life back to them as well. You can see hope in their puppy dog eyes. Permalink
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Naples | April 19 2013
Daisy had her world rattled. The method used by Bark Busters of Fort Myers is very natural. Patrick has a good sense of humor too. We recommend Bark Busters of Fort Myers especially with problem dogs. Permalink
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Cortlandt Manor | April 17 2013
We have already recommended Bark Busters to friends. For us, even a slight improvement for one of our dogs is a miracle. Permalink
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North Fort Myers | April 17 2013
Bark Busters is very easy. Very good results after just one, two hour lesson. The natural methods work for my dog and me. Both my wife and I found after Patrick left, the dog knew who was in charge. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters of Fort Myers because in a short amount of time we saw a big change in our dog's attitude. I will be calling Bark Busters of Fort Myers again when we return to Fort Myers. Permalink
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Cape Coral | April 17 2013
Bark Busters of Fort Myers really works! Patrick was very informative and really helped us with our dogs in an easy to learn way. Permalink
Chino Hills | April 13 2013
4½ years ago I fell in love at first sight with my husky Mojo! Then I brought him home...he was a mess, nipping at and jumping all over me and my family, bucking like a bronco and dragging me along on our walks! I was in tears every day for the first 3 weeks until I saw a flyer at my vets office for Bark Busters. After only 1 training session, the improvement in his behavior was amazing! I kept working with him and had several additional training sessions to correct some of his more stubborn issues (huskies LOVE to pull!) Within 3 months I was so thrilled with what Wendy and I had accomplished with him that I went and found him a little husky sister! I used the methods Wendy taught me with her from day one. Now, I have 2 well trained huskies that bring me joy every day! I can walk my dynamic duo together with confidence, and their behavior at home is exemplary! Wendy was great, giving me the tools and techniques to be able to enjoy my pups! Permalink
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Corona | April 13 2013
Our family is so happy to have found Wendy. After one three hour lesson we learned so much about what we were doing wrong with our training. Our pitbull no longer pulls us when going on walks, she doesn't react to the barking dogs on the fence lines, she knows sit and stay, and the doorbell can ring with out her rushing the door! We now have control over our dog and could not be happier with the results. She is always available to answer questions and as long as we listen to her advice we see the results. I would highly recommend her services and look forward to our next session! Permalink
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Naples | April 13 2013
We saw results almost immediately. Much easier and more enjoyable walking Ellie, our dog. Permalink
Lincoln Park | April 12 2013
I was totally astounded that a single word could get my dogs to listen. By the end of the first session our dogs were not unruly, not jumping on us and not fighting with each other! My family and I learned a lot about feeding our dogs, dog language and being in charge and using our body language. I think it really works! I would recommend Bark Busters because of how fast things changed with our dogs temperament's. I never knew about dog language, body language and the hierarchy. Permalink
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-Jalbert | April 12 2013
We have only met with Michael twice, but he has already made such a difference in our lives and our dogs' lives. We have a new pup in the house who caused a whirlwind of excitement (and frustration!) for us, and we were just at a loss. We love our pets so much and were so upset to think that he may not be happy or feel safe in his new home. We wanted to find a trainer who understands the importance of pets in the family. Michael understands this so well! We instantly clicked with him and we instantly saw results in our pups. Michael's demeanor is calm, collected, confident, compassionate, and extremely personable (and dog-able!) The exercises are so simple and effective, it's hard to believe this method has been around for so long without knowing about it. We are so excited to continue work with Michael and our dogs until we have a perfect little pack that is happy, healthy, and safe. Thank you, Michael! Permalink