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Holly Springs | April 10 2013
Jerry came to help us with Hunters' not listening, barking excessively and some other behavioral issues. He was patient and understanding with my whole family. He taught us how to get Hunters respect and we are a happy family now! Thank you Jerry for your time and the techniques you showed us. It is amazing how easy, natural, and friendly the Bark Buster techniques are. Also, I had fun learning. I'm amazed how within the first hour our dog listened and obeyed us. I would recommend Jerry to everyone who has a dog. He is a great teacher and trainer. Jerry is amazing. Thanks again. Permalink
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Dwight | April 10 2013
Bark Busters techniques were easy to understand and remember. Our dog needed some serious retraining. I did not expect to see great results. Within the first few hours, however, I could see that he was improving already. John really enjoys what he does and his energy and enthusiasm reflects his passion. John was easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to anyone who thinks they have run out of options with their pet's training. We will continue to work with Buddy regarding his severe separation anxiety. He has been burdened with it for many years. Permalink
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Crest Hill | April 10 2013
We noticed immediate results/response from Izabel, the older of the two. It was quite impressive. It was wonderful to see the positive interaction between the two dogs. Permalink
Romeoville | April 10 2013
The training was wonderful. We have a much happier home now. Permalink
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Joliet | April 10 2013
Our dog trainer, John did a great job explaining the techniques so we all knew what we had to do. The results were unbelievable. The vocal correction really works! We enjoyed the training experience. It was very relaxed. Permalink
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Minooka | April 10 2013
Great intro. We have high hopes! We saw an immediate change from when John first entered our home in the behavior of the dogs. Permalink
Shorewood | April 10 2013
John was fantastic. I'm realizing this isn't exhausting. I'm not naturally a dominant person, but I know I will learn how to command my dog's respect with his help. Permalink
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Stockton | April 09 2013
I was very skeptical about bark busters but was totally surprised on how well it works!! Barbara was excellent and would recommend her to anyone. We tried of weeks to get Isabella to walk on a leash with no luck. Barbara had her walking on leash in minutes. Isabella had separation anxiety and with Barbara's help we now have that under control and don't feel guilty leaving her at home alone. This program works 100% and recommend it to all dog owners. Permalink
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Cape Coral | April 08 2013
Bark Busters is very interesting and easy to understand. Bark Busters delivered amazing results! The method is so simple for myself and my puppy. Patrick Logue is a very pleasant, helpful, informative, professional and very good at training. Permalink
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New York | April 05 2013
Sarah has been wonderful with our dog, Stella. Sarah teaches in a very straightforward manner that makes it is easy to understand and apply to our routine. We are very grateful to her for all the help and guidance she has offered in training Stella to behave on walks and with strangers. Permalink