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Matthew S
Matthew S Mchenry, Illinois | October 13 2014
It was a pleasure to have Brad come to our house to help with Juno. He was very nice and extremely professional.I have a hard time learning new tricks but Brad made it very easy for us to understand the training that Juno needs to get her where she needs to be. He drove well out his way to come see us and help us with juno. He respected the life time guarantee and did not ask for a dime. He showed that he cared more about Junos lessons and our training than money. When we spoke on the phone before he came to the house, he told me the lesson would only take one to two hours. He stayed for three and a half hours. Not because juno needed more time but because he wanted to make sure we understood the steps necessary to get juno where she needs to be. Also, juno got off her leash and we ran around for at least thirty minutes trying to catch her. Most people would not have cared and would of just stood behind. But nope, not Brad. He was running rite there with us to get here home and showed genuine consern for Junos safety. It would be a pleasure to have Brad back for more lessons but because he was very thorough with today's lesson and it was easy to understand, I do not believe we will need him to. If you are considering hiring Brad to teach you how to get your dog trained, take it from me and do so. It will be the best money you have ever spent. Permalink
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Kristin I Greenwich, Connecticut | October 12 2014
Michael was terrific . Brady had been very protective and barking angrily at visitors. Just a few minutes after Michael started the lesson, Brady was relaxed and calmer. By the end of the lesson I was in charge and Brady was getting used to it! I am very happy with the changes I see in Brady and it is all thanks to Michael. I've taken Brady to other lessons and he results don't compare. I am confident that the techniques I am learning will make Brady -- and me -- so much happier. Thank you Michael! Permalink
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Kristina F Hackensack, New Jersey | October 12 2014
Greg was truly patient and understanding. He went above and beyond my expectations of any trainer. He worked with both my dogs Avalon and Inigo very well. Giving them each individual attention. He educated me in a way which was clear and concise and gave me instruction that I can easily implement into the daily routine to further aid my dogs in learning productive future behavior. My dogs are responding very well. I appreciate Greg very much for his time and caring. I look forward to working with him again. Permalink
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Lisa B Boerne, Texas | October 12 2014
We rescued our one year-old Golden Retriever, Max, from an abusive home environment and thought our love alone would be enough for Max to recover. Instead, Max had separation anxiety and would climb any fence, or scratch through any door or window to get to us. My husband was out of patience when I decided to call Phyllis McGough at the Hill Country Bark Busters for help. Phyllis observed both us and Max in action. We learned that Max thought we needed him to be an alpha pack leader because we were "sweet people". Phyllis taught us various practices and training drills. We learned to be calm, confident leaders which freed Max to be the loving, calm dog that he actually was. The story of Max does not end there. He went on to undergo a complete transformation. Max went through an AKC Good Citizenship course and followed that with therapy dog situational training. Now Max brings comfort to children in hospitals, or helps primary school students practice their reading skills every week while lying atop Max at the school library. Max went from being an abused dog to helping children, and in the process brought a lot of love and purpose to our family. Permalink
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Beth B New York | October 11 2014
Sarah was great -- professional and kind. She really knew how to deal with our dog. When she left we felt well equipped to train our dog on our own. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Jumping up, Sibling rivalry
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Lester V Richmond, Texas | October 11 2014
Enlightening to say the least. Thoroughly enjoyable. Very cool concept. Can't wait to implement. Pat was great and patient with us and our dogs! Thank you! Permalink
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K H Grand Rapids, Michigan | October 11 2014
I was honestly amazed to see results right away with the methods Ken demonstrated and explained. My one year old terrier mix that I just adopted, Benji, had been barking constantly when outside, especially when my neighbor's dog was outside (we share a picket fence line). I had been seriously considering working with the rescue group to re-home him as I knew this would not be tolerable for any length of time. After working with Ken a couple of hours, he had the neighbor's dog on one side of the fence while I had Benji on the other side- and Benji wasn't barking. It more than amazed me. It gave me hope that this may work out after all. I appreciate that Ken doesn't candy-coat things. He's clear on the work involved and wasn't hesitant to point our when I needed to change my body language, tone, etc. In other words, he was clear on the work that I need to do. I think we've made a very good beginning and I'm looking forward to our progression. Thank you Ken! Permalink
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Erin R Ruckersville, Virginia | October 10 2014
Oh my gosh! We cannot believe the change in our dogs......they went from crazy and out of control to calm and under control- in just two weeks!! Thank you so much for showing us how to teach our girls how to are amazing! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up
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Ron S Naples, Florida | October 10 2014
Very knowledgeable and thorough training program. Permalink
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Michelle D
Michelle D Oxford, Michigan | October 10 2014
Very thorough. I didn't realize that dog's behavior has more deep roots, e.g., rubbing against you. I like that Bark Busters is a personal approach and they come to your home. Permalink