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Tinley Park, Illinois | July 10 2013
I was very pleased to know my dogs could behave the way I dreamed of in a matter of a few hours. I like the no raising of the voice and using simple voice commands to regain control of my pets. Permalink
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Port Jefferson, New York | July 10 2013
We started using Bark Busters this past April and Jason Molfetto is our trainer. We have had amazing success from day one. My Golden retriever has responded very well to the training techniques used by Jason. We have two small dogs next door that used to get my Golden into a frenzy and he would no longer pay attention to my commands. Two years ago he almost had the start of heat stroke, running back and forth on a very hot August day. Wet towels and hosing him down with a garden hose probably saved him. This year we got caught in the same situation on a very hot June day, My boy was running back and forth, but this time when he heard my low guttural growl he stopped in his tracks and walked over to me without being told. Hooked him up to his lead and walked him into the house. He is so focused that I sometimes cannot believe what has been accomplished in such a short time frame. Jason teaches me, I teach my Golden and when I need visual training Jason takes the lead from me and shows how a certain training technique is done. It does not get any better or easier. Permalink
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T. and E. E Lexington, Kentucky | July 10 2013
This was very informative learning how she [Marlee] things and wants to be in control. Kendra is very knowledgeable, personable and very professional. She was very informative and wanted us to understand doing homework with Marlee is important. She educated us on the importance of daily homework that we need to continue so Marlee will continue to learn and know what to expect. It is unbelievable how Marlee was uncontrollable before we started and how she listens now. We would recommend Bark Busters to everyone. We were totally amazed how Marlee was listening. It is well worth the money. Permalink
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Cape Coral, Florida | July 09 2013
I was pleased, surprised actually, with how little time and effort it took to see immediate improvement. As you may know, Shiba Inus are very feisty and full of life. We got Lobo as an eight week old puppy. He arrived in our home as a little bundle of fur too cute for words. From early on he always liked to show us his teeth. At first it was cute and kind of accepted understanding what the breed is like. The growling got worse and then the biting started. After tolerating several dog bites to both me and my wife I knew something had to be done. He was out of control. After consulting our veterinarian, they recommended Bark Busters of Fort Myers and Patrick. As a last resort we called. We made an appointment. Within 30 minutes Patrick showed us how to better communicate with Lobo. After a brief demonstration I was shocked with the response. Almost immediately Lobo responded positively. After the two hour lesson I was shocked with the progress. No biting! No aggression! No charging the front door and biting the ankles of our guests! After working with Lobo for just a week, Lobo plays better and is finally tolerant of grooming, FINALLY! I have my angel back! I cannot thank Patrick and Bark Busters of Fort Myers enough. Permalink
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Pamela K Corona del Mar, California | July 09 2013
Bark Busters were friendly and professional, providing great care and insight into the behaviors of my highly energetic white standard poodle. I would recommend them to anyone. Asta's issues were high speed running throughout the house, jumping on people, barking, and marking territory in our living room. Lisa and Nelson Neyer helped teach me to manage these behaviors, and now my little guy is sitting and listening, and appears to be less anxious. Money well spent! Permalink
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angela C Alvin, Texas | July 09 2013
Connie addressed all of our issues in a very easy-to-understand way. Blake responded very well and I think all of our pups will get along much better now. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters and Connie to any of my friends in need. Permalink
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Laura & John L
Laura & John L Morris, Illinois | July 09 2013
The training techniques were interesting and easy to understand. A different concept than other dog training we've done. We saw immediate results. It's obvious that something about the techniques really work. It takes a lot of the frustration away. We really learned many things that we never thought of before. If you are willing to be consistent and work ten minutes a day with your dog, it is well worth the money. Our dog had basic commands down, but only responded when he wanted to. Understanding his behaviors, how he thinks and becoming the dominant authority figure in the relationship makes all the difference. He responds! Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Hyperactivity, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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White Plains, New York | July 08 2013
I was happy that I quickly got extra help when I needed it. Permalink
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Elmhurst, Illinois | July 08 2013
Chris has been working with us for over three years now and she has been a tremendous help to our family. We contacted her when our Springer Spaniel bit a neighbor very unexpectedly. We saw changes after our first visit from Chris. Last week we added a kitten to our family and Chris is working with us to introduce the kitten to our dog. Again, we saw results after the first visit. We couldn't be more pleased and grateful! Permalink
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Christie W West Linn, Oregon | July 08 2013
Lisa is wonderful - concise and patient! Our dog responded really well to these methods - this is just what we all needed! The training techniques are easy to remember and incorporate into our daily lives and routines. The training experience was interesting and enjoyable and I think our dog likes it too! We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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