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Leslie T Tenafly, New Jersey | December 31 2013
Greg is amazing! He explains everything thoroughly and is great with making our children feel comfortable. He is patient, thorough and very accessible and responsive. Has made a world of difference for our family!!! Permalink
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Alex V
Alex V New Haven, Connecticut | December 30 2013
The results were almost instant!! Permalink
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Linda and Rich S Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania | December 30 2013
Just checking in as we promised. It has been a busy time of year and with this weather we have not been able to take Benji on his regular walks. However, when we have been able to get out, he has continued to do very well! We took him to Mandarach Park this weekend. We passed several dogs, some of which reacted to Benji and he was very good. He only had a small reaction to one of them and one correction immediately snapped him out of it. He has also been very good at the window when dogs pass the house. Little or no reaction! Doorbell training is coming along nicely, but there is room for improvement there. We will keep working on it. All in all we are amazed at Benji's transformation in this short time! Permalink
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Bryan C San Diego, California | December 30 2013
This service is worth every penny! We adopted a severely emaciated rescue who was a stray and god knows what the previous owners did to her.. She had major separation anxiety when we left the house, we would set up the IPAD to record her and she would be howling, crying and pacing the entire time. She did not do well in the crate and we have gone thru several sets of mini blinds because she is trying to see us outside so badly.. She was also timid and shy around other dogs when she would come across one. We had 2 visits with Justin and she is a changed dog.. He gave us the tools and exercises to help with her separation issues and she has been doing great when we leave the house. Over this past weekend we left her for over 8 hours and she did great. She is also more comfortable on walks when we encounter other dogs and did great on her first trip to Dog beach. You do have to be prepared to put in the time and do the work/exercises he suggests, but it does work. Thank You Justin Bryan, Steph and Cali Permalink
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Linda D San Dimas, California | December 29 2013
Nancy saved the life of our dog. We got our 1 year old from the humane society and she had a lot of bad behaviors: jumping up on us whether standing or sitting, pulling the leash (and us) on a walk, reacting badly to other dogs, not maintaining the borders we wanted her to stay within when she was inside the house. We tried for months to train her, (and had done so with another dog years ago so thought we knew what we were doing), but her behavior was so bad my husband was about to give up and turn her back to the humane society. (and I'm sure that would have had a sad and tragic ending as that would have been the second time someone had turned her in to them) But luckily my sister saw the Bark Busters car go by on the road and told me about it. In just one training session Nancy had shown us how to take control and dramatically change the way our dog behaves. It's amazing to watch her in action and she has full control of the dog immediately. And now she has trained us to continue to be in control of our dog's behavior so we now have a happy dog household (husband included!) I wouldn't believe this was possible if I hadn't seen it myself. Permalink
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Nicole V Chicago/Mount Greenwood, Illinois | December 29 2013
Vicki is wonderful! I will be honest after reading outside reviews I was a little hesitant, but my feelings have changed! We have many things to work on, my boy and I! The number one is the dog aggression. Yet, I am happy to say that he and the other dog ended up outside yesterday together on accident and his only response was to run to his door to come in. This aggression, as I was told steams from fear, but he did not react in the way he has in the past. They sniffed each other and he wanted to come in! Needless to say, this was an accident and will not happen again until Vicky and I are positive that he is ready! He drops things he should not have on the first command of "BAH, drop it" and then he gets immediate praise. This is not so much about the trainer training your dog, but more about the trainer training you to communicate with your dog! I would 100% recommend this training! Permalink
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Jeanne D Naples, Florida | December 29 2013
Wow! There was a remarkable change in Buddy's behavior in just one session. Permalink
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Karen H Upper Arlington, Ohio | December 28 2013
Our dogs really respond to these methods. We have noticed a difference in our dogs, after one lesson. We are so pleased. We have already recommended Bobb to our friends. Permalink
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Lisa K Bloomington, Illinois | December 28 2013
"Dug acted like a completely different dog. Ken's help has changed our lives...we have gained control over our household!" Permalink
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Jackie P Herndon, Virginia | December 27 2013
Mark came to the training prepared and Helped us with our Lab overcome fright of the stairs. Something had happened that made him not want to climb the stairs. Mark worked with us and Puck and gave us homework to continue. Within a few days, Puck was back climbing the stairs with out hesitation or fright. We are a return customer to Mark. In the past he has helped us with a German Shepard and an English Mastiff. Like our Lab, Mark helped us with their situations and it lasted. Permalink
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