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What will you be doing on June 20? Taking your dog to work if it is allowed. However, not every office environment is conducive to dogs, nor does every dog have the temperament to go with you to work. At a minimum, he should have mastered basic commands.

Research has shown that dogs in the workplace lower stress and increase productivity. In fact, there are some companies such as Google, Amazon & Ben & Jerry's where you can take your dog to work every day! Amazon even has dog biscuits available at the front desk and dog friendly fountains.

Here's some tips to make sure you don't get dogged by colleagues for poor pooch etiquette:

  • Exercise. Make sure you exercise your dog before going to the office so he is a little warn out to eliminate some of that pent-up morning energy.
  • Remember doggy supplies. Bring your own water and food bowls. Bring your dog's bedding so he can relax and feel more at home. Bring some toys (preferably those that don't squeak) to keep him entertained.
  • Consider bringing a crate. If your office doesn't have a door, you might want to bring a baby gate or crate to confine your dog to your area.
  • Take the stairs. Dogs and elevators don't always mix because it is too confined. You can both get some exercise by taking the stairs.
  • Be prepared for cleanup. Although your dog may be toilet trained, in a new situation and where there are a lot of dogs, he might mark. Keep carpet cleaning supplies, poop bags and odor minimizing supplies on hand.
  • Respect your colleagues' space. Although we think our dogs are fabulous, remember that not all people like dogs (bah humbug).
  • Don't force friendships. Watch closely for any signs of aggression such as growling, staring, or stiff body posture. Never leave your dog alone with other dogs at work.
  • If a fight occurs, don't physically intervene. This could result in you getting bitten and could potentially escalate the problem. Instead, throw one of the dog's blankets over the heads of the fighting dogs, or a water bottle to squirt them with water.

A study at Central Michigan University found that when dogs are present in a group, employees are more likely to trust each other and collaborate more effectively at the office. Your dog could be an ice breaker if you don't know your colleagues well.

At Bark Busters, we want to make sure taking your dog to work is a paw-sitive experience. For more information, download our tips.

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