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  • Eyeball Your Dog's Eyes
    May 07 2014
    With May being National Eye Examination Week for dogs, it's important you clean your dog's eyes from all the gunk that accumulates. Read these tips to save your dog's eye sight. ...read more
  • Tips on Ticks
    April 06 2014
    April is Lyme Disease Prevention Month and tick-transmitted diseases can wreak havoc on both pets and humans. According to PetMd, Lyme disease "is an infectious disease that is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi, which is found in several varieties of ticks, but is mostly associated with the common deer tick."Lyme disease commonly occurs in three regions: the northeast and mid-Atlantic states (from Maine to Virginia), the midwest (Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan), and on the west coast (in northern California). ...read more
  • Preventing Dog Bites
    June 20 2013
    Every year, more than 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs with 800,000 requiring medical care. Unfortunately, most of the victims are innocent children or senior citizens. As summertime rolls around and more children and dogs are outside, it's important to protect yourself and your family from aggressive or ill-trained dogs. ...read more
  • What Dangers Lurk At A Dog Park?
    June 10 2013
    Ah, it's summertime, a chance for dog owners to enjoy the great outdoors with their dogs. Although I have always enjoyed going to dog parks with my dogs, I've recently read some cautionary tales I thought I would share with you. ...read more
  • Are You a Step Mom to a Dog?
    June 01 2013
    Being a step mom to children can be challenging. Blending families is never easy, especially when you have lived as two separate families for so many years. There's always jealousy, fighting and the occasional screeching "you're not my Mother!". ...read more
  • Want To Know Your Dog
    May 15 2013
    Many times dog owners rescue dogs from animal shelters or rescue organizations, and they have no idea what breed the dog is... ...read more
  • Does Your Dog Have Allergies?
    May 01 2013
    Achoo! This is a sound heard around our household as Spring and Summer sets in and everything begins to bloom. Think about how miserable you are - your eyes running, your nose dripping and a general feeling of sluggishness. Just like their dog owners, dogs can have allergies too! ...read more
  • Playing Fetch With Your Dog? Be Careful!
    April 28 2013
    Ah the joys of Spring and Summer, when you can be outside with your dog enjoying the fresh air! You're hiking along a trail and your dog picks up a stick. Your instinct is to throw it. Although many dog owners like to play fetch with their dog, there are some perils you need to be aware of. ...read more
  • Should You Buy Pet Insurance?
    March 01 2013
    Many of us dog owners will spare no expense when it comes to our beloved companions despite the lagging economy and high unemployment. ...read more
  • Taking Care Of Your Dogs Eyes
    February 21 2013
    When was the last time you checked your dog's eyes for tearing, cloudiness or inflammation? These can all be signs of a more serious health problem ...read more