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Linda L.
14 months ago — Sykesville, MD

What can be said about this amazing company?! Bark Busters Home Dog Training of Central Maryland has been a blessing to our family. When we adopted our sweet pup at 6 months from The Washington County Humane Society, we had very little background information for him. We soon realized that Auggie was going to need some professional training for excessive jumping, aggressive play biting and extreme pulling while on walks. After doing some research, I came upon Bark Busters and Chris Pellatiro, our trainer, came to our rescue!
Chris thoroughly explained the company’s main objective was to implement “proactive training exercises.”
He very patiently demonstrated using expressive body language, clear voice tones, and helping our dog to refocus at the appropriate moment. He also reminded us that training Auggie had to be a part of our daily routine. We have been so pleased to see positive changes in Auggie’s behavior. With Chris’s ongoing training and helpful suggestions, Auggie has been a joyful addition to our lives.
Please consider hiring Bark Busters, you will not regret your decision!!
Thank you,
Linda Larson

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