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Keiko G.
7 years ago — Eastside King County, Washington

Dear Jack,

Thank you very much for visiting us today.

This evening, we went for a walk to Marymoor as usual. I have to tell you, this was the first time he didn't pull the leash since we adopted him in February. We even passed other dogs but he didn't rush toward them. It's unreal.

We will keep practicing and I can feel that one day soon he will do this without effort. I'm so proud of him.

Thank you again.

  • #Hyperactivity
  • #Jumping up
  • #Pulling
Trainer Note:
This was the first training session for K.G. who took ownership from a previous client who could no longer care for the dog. She struggled (she endured falls and bruises) with this large dog for 4 months and then reached out for help. The Guarantee of Support transferred to K.G. from the previous owner and, within a few minutes, we were able to refocus the dog and stop the jumping and pulling. JK