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3 years ago — Renton, WA

Photo of Po and Cas Despite trying to do our best to raise our boys, we knew there was stuff we were not doing right and we needed a professional to come and help us. I researched a lot of companies before settling on Bark Busters.

Jordan came out and by the end of the first session, I noticed a massive difference. I couldn't believe it. I knew working 1:1 with a pro would be what we needed and I was right.

The 2 weeks after Jordan left would be the trial but with the information Jordan gave us, we noticed a significant difference in the pups. We know there is probably a ton of information he can pass on to us but we have to take it in bite size pieces to not overwhelm us and the pups. But with that we were taught, they started reacting positively to it and listening to us. They weren't barking at the neighbor dog as much. They were giving us space. Even our friend who came over noticed a difference compared to when they used to overwhelm him by jumping up.

Our next training will take us to the dog park with Jordan to help us socialize the dogs and get them to a point where they can play with other dogs and not be aggressive to them.

We purchased the lifetime plan for both of our pups because we knew we would be moving over seas in a year or two and luckily there are trainers in the UK as well.

Dog yourselves (and your pups) a life changing favor and invest in them. It has already made a huge difference for US to know what to do and for THEM to understand.

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