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Diandra T.
2 months ago — Issaquah, WA

Cannot recommend hiring Jordan for dog training enough!! He has been so patient with not only our pup, but us too! We have been a little scarred by our dog lashing out against 3 other dogs so it's been a battle to not only train her to not react to dogs, but giving us the training and peace of mind to allow her space to make improvements. We also needed overall training with her because she tends to be high energy. Now she doesn't jump on people when we are sitting on the couch, I don't have to worry about her jumping on people when they come through the door, AND my disabled mom can officially take her for walks because she doesn't pull! The last thing we are working on is her recall skills, and I'm sure with Jordan's guidance we will be able to allow her to roam freely in a dog park with less worries! Absolutely love that we didn't have to train her with fear-based tactics, and mostly just have been providing her the support she needs to feel safe. Also happy that it's a lifetime purchase, because we will likely have Jordan help us in the future with meeting new doggie roommates at our place! Definitely worth the investment - we got way more out of this than other trainers we worked with!!

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