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Moon L.
12 months ago — Astoria, NY

As all the reviews say, Josh is simply amazing. In just one session, our puppy's behavior was MASSIVELY improved. We now have a sense of control over his behavior and understand how to communicate with him in a way that he understands and responds to. In the very first interactions between Josh and our dog, we could see that the dog was sensing Josh's boundaries and respecting them in response to Josh's actions! It was truly miraculous to watch. Our puppy was wild, chaotic, and relentless, and now he has become MUCH more docile and actually responds to the actions that Josh has taught us. He used to squeal and whine and bark early in the morning everyday to wake me up, jumping up and down and begging to be let on the bed. After applying Josh's method, he now waits quietly until I get up from bed!!! Truly amazing results! Although he's not perfect yet of course, in just 1.5 days, we see a HUGE difference and have HOPE that we actually can train this guy to behave the way he should. As many other reviewers have said, I must agree wholeheartedly - Josh is worth every penny. Highly highly recommend!!

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